10 Smartphone Life Hacks You should know

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Published on May 7, 2016

10 ( Ten ) Ultimate Smartphone life hack’s you should know.

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  1. you guys should have at LEAST 100k, I'm going to tweet out about your YouTube channel

  2. Hi again 🙂
    I have now bought two gtx 960s for my skylake computer. how can I put Mac os x on it?

  3. Hey Bro You Rock Man, I am truly Glad I found you on the net… though I am still having problems with the sound I am following ur procedures to get it going,, although the clover tells me that it is not made for the EL Capitan, I will install it and see what it does…
    I am also wondering my friend, as I want to install El Capitan on my Laptop which is a DELL Inspiron 15R with I Core7 8 GB Ram and 1 TB HDD.
    Is it Possible to DUAL BOOT with Windows 10 ???
    Do you think it would be doable and it could work good???
    Like most of Us it is cheaper to buy a PC than to Buy a Mac, but their OS is a top Notch,
    Any assistance would grateful to you, and I thank you in advance for everything you are sharing with us in Knowledge and cool Gadgets…
    You rock Brother, and God bless you
    Thanks Again..

  4. Radger

    Again you are the god!!! I love u :p

  5. hey andrew I like the stylus , nice video bro

  6. Dude I like the stylus one! Thats awesome!

  7. thanks for this video – please help me i want driver acer aspire 5750 for mac os x yosemite

  8. Harvs

    Nice video man. I like the microscope one!

  9. I enjoyed this so much i will make a projector now tysm!

  10. i hope that the cpu you used was dead ….

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