13 Goriest Game of Thrones Deaths

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Published on January 3, 2017

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You ain’t seen gore until you’ve seen Game of Thrones. No one dies in their sleep on Game of Thrones. No. Someone’s eyes get stabbed. Or a head gets sliced off. Or you get hacked to death by a white walker. The murder scenes on GoT are so devastatingly gruesome we’re all borderline suffering from PTSD by now. But love every bloody second of it. So in light of all the blood spilled on our favorite show, I bring you the 13 goriest deaths in Game of Thrones history. Warning: If by the time you watch this video Ramsay Bolton has finally seen his last day and has had his scrotum burned off or something, , I apologize in advance for not including him cuz I’m sure his finale will be epic.

1. Oberyn Martell
2. Meryn Trant
3. Shae
4. Shireen Baratheon
5. Hodor
6. Mance Rayder
7. Jon Snow
8. Joffrey Baratheon
9. Viserys Targaryan
10. Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark
11. Talisa Stark
12. Robb Stark
13. Catelyn Stark

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  1. Joffery Lannister not Baratheon..

  2. Shireen Baratheon was a religious sacrifice. Not political.

  3. There were much more gorier deaths than this

  4. Titan

    rob 4 life

  5. Okay, this is a weird video. I don't have HBO, for other reasons, so therefore I have never watched this show, and judging by what I saw, I doubt if I ever will.  Weirdest fucking video I have ever seen. Is this based on one of those fantasy books, like LOTR?  If so, count me out.

  6. Oh, Ramsey got his well-deserved death, indeed. evil laugh

  7. Every single time I saw eddard execution scene I just literally cried.. What a great man he was..

  8. Clever News you are not clever but you do SUCK!!!

  9. Am I the only one that almost threw up in the first 30 seconds

  10. Linda W

    Were you happy how Ramsay Bolton died? What would his number/death be on your list?

  11. I paused the video (and will not watch any more) the minute she said, "we are all suffering from borderline ptsd now".

    When did pretending you have mental health issues become funny or trendy?

  12. suffering from ptsd? fuck off thats for soldiers that go through hell not spineless fools that get scared off faked movie deaths

  13. I'm not one to cry but when Jon and Hodor died I cried

  14. Hodor got killed by wights not white walkers

  15. I dont think she even watch game of thrones

  16. HotBuns

    The red wedding is too sad..

  17. Is your thumbnail saying rip to Joffrey? FUCK you.

  18. 42

    Well, obviously Spoiler Alert!

  19. For the first one(the dorne guy,forgot his name) when I saw him die it surprised me so much lol I was shaking at the end because it was so unexpected

  20. Twood

    The first guy is Gaviria from Narcos :D

  21. Crepes

    Tommen's death really brings a new meaning to the name 'King's Landing'

  22. plz stop saying Hodor as 'Holdor'

  23. i feel like ive been living under a rock..ive never seen this show

  24. Wait. Wait. How do they show scenes from when the Sept blows up but doesn't know about Ramsays death, which took place later in the same episode. Come on. Wtf.

  25. Also, Catlyn wasn't decapitated she had her throat slit. My god this host is terrible.

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