5 apps that use your smartphone camera to do awesome things

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Home Mobile Phones 5 apps that use your smartphone camera to do awesome things
Published on April 10, 2016

Image recognition is a wonderful thing! It lets clever app developers take advantage of your smartphone’s very capable camera to photograph and parse information from physical sources, such as a piece of paper, an urban sign, a label, or an advertisement.

This information then gets used to accomplish all sorts of fancy things! For example, we have an app that solves complex math problems by just photographing them. Or one that lets you send photo and video reminders to people’s iPhones. There’s also one for splitting bills at a restaurant, one for monitoring your skin condition, and even a wine selection app that gracefully guides you inside the vast world of wine. Check them out.

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  2. Would be good to get links to the apps in the video description. The embedded link to the Tab splitter app doesn't work and I can't find it on Google Play.

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  5. I cant even watch this video. guy is not watching in the camera, its so distracting..

  6. this video is set up horribly. can't read a script correctly, barely understand his accent, using a fake hand to hold the phone, just use your hand!!

  7. This guy is totally reading a script word for word. You can tell. His eyes are not looking directly to the camera.

  8. 4th from Malaysia

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