5 Smartphone Gadgets You NEED To Get ▶11

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Published on October 27, 2016

Love your smartphone? Here are some cool gadgets to improve it and make it better. For both iOS iPhone & Android devices. Enjoy!


Put2Go: https://goo.gl/qGuBTB
OvRcharge: https://goo.gl/3JjCRF
Blade: https://goo.gl/uZ8w9e
Dot: https://goo.gl/aB2DB5
MUV: https://goo.gl/eeIYN7


1. Put2Go: Car Mount with Wireless Charging, Ultra Convenient. Supports iPhone/Android devices. Magnetic phone dock with built-in wireless charging, arguably the most advanced yet. Super easy!
2. OvRcharge: Levitating Wireless Charger. Charge your phone over the air.
3. Blade: World 1st OTG Card Reader for All Devices. Blade Is Not Only A Slim 4000mAh Charger, But An OTG MicroSD Card Reader (8-256GB) for All Devices.
4. Dot : The Physical Push Notification. Dot uses precise location tracking to make your smartphone’s notifications highly contextual.
5. MUV: The worlds fastest Self Tracking for your Smartphone. Unchain smartphone or GoPro. Now you can be part of those treasured moments or shoot awesome selfie videos, with the freedom to MUV.

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  1. Woah, some of these r beyond amazing!

  2. the spinning/levitating iPhone is making me slightly nauseous

  3. If phones can levitate why not boards and cars that hover, and levitate?

  4. First one is real i have it……well my dad does

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