5 Smartphone Gadgets You NEED To Get #11

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Home Mobile Phones 5 Smartphone Gadgets You NEED To Get #11
Published on January 31, 2016

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Sesame Smart Lock – http://amzn.to/1Nbu1Yl
The Easy Macro – http://amzn.to/1Pbfhbo
PIECE – http://goo.gl/y0bHYa
Droprinter – http://goo.gl/LzcFkr
Thingcharger – http://amzn.to/1L4jJCG
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  1. Lol @ work phone. I have a work phone and i've forwarded all my calls to my personal one. Ta daaaaaa

  2. thing charger pcs… what happen f i need charger my cellphone and use s same time? or charger and wacth a movie? etc etc… lol

  3. The mini portable printer… It's just a receipt printer with a different shell. Oh, and it only takes 2 months for that ink to fade.

  4. This whole YouTube video is pretty cancerous, you get us all hype and shit cuz some of these are pretty cool actually, then we are saddened by the fact that 90% of these are only kick starters and are not yet for sale

  5. Fits any lock in any country. Sure it does you lying sack of shit. also after how many times of opening close in do you have to recharge? Can you use the thing charger to charge it.

  6. The problem I'd have with thing charger is that it seems if a heavy set device was plugged into the top the weight would make the device fall forward/backward and would bend the adapter in the process. Just one push on the device could break your charger and possibly your device's screen.

  7. "So you can carry one and only phone" Annnnnnd, a bulky ass peripheral.

  8. Was that easy macro made in a sweatshop? Go back and look at where they make them.

  9. Why don't they bring these products to India? It will sell like a piece of cake.

  10. Vadim K

    for the SIM card gadget: Why now just use Dual SIM smartphone and you dont need work phone?

  11. BTW we dont have electric in syria to use charger

  12. piece, let's replace carrying a spare phone with, what a block that's basically just as much of a hassle…..why do we waste earth resources for stupid shit like this…

  13. Darko

    smart lock ….. what i do if my phone is dead

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