5 Smartphone Gadgets You NEED To Get #4

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Home Mobile Phones 5 Smartphone Gadgets You NEED To Get #4
Published on February 29, 2016

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XOO Belt http://xoo.co/
NanoHold http://www.nanohold.com/
Juicer http://igg.me/at/juicer/x
SkyBell http://www.skybell.com/
Accutension http://igg.me/at/accutension/x
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  1. koalajs

    I salute Accutension and NanoHold,

    and the others SORRY guys I wont be investing so I am out, Stop coming up with rubbish ideas.

  2. Does the battery go all the way round the belt, if not why not ;)

  3. you already did the nanopatch thing

  4. terapiu

    So you have a integrated GPS system on your car…and you stick your smartphone on top of its display?! :O

  5. the juicer battery charger..
    what would i wan to share battery life? i need all of it for myself.. no thanks.

  6. Great invention great investment too ! When do you want to allow public offering

  7. I love the Accutension but too bad it is not available for Android phones.  When and if they make it Android compatible I think it will really take off.

  8. all these devices are useless crap!
    people most of their times are near PC or in car or at home or at work.
    in all these situations you have a way to charge your fuking phone!

    all these solutions to charge phone while you are "away" are simply useless.

    you just dont need all that crap!
    and getting a case thats twice the size of your phone just to get another 2mAh with solar charger that you dont need is insanely stupid.

  9. Nakadu

    So many people saying the skybell would get stolen….what kind of shitty neighbourhoods do you guys live in?!?!?!

  10. the juicer charger is not new nor innovative. I have been doing this for a long time using a regular otg cable i paid 40 cents for with my micro usb phone charger. they simply merged the two together and made just a double sided micro usb cable

  11. Why did those guys spend 2 years of their lives making a power cable that has the same type of charger on both ends? Also, it looks like it's about 4 inches long, so unless you literally hand your friend your phone (which to be honest, who would lmao?), it's useless. Also just…just by a portable battery..? Why steal power from other people when you get get a portable battery that's half the size of your phone

  12. I don't need any of this crap

  13. Jason S

    I give them credit for going the distance but this is technology already out for years now. Yeah sure the added a rubber loop for a key ring of lanyard with a clip but I was taking a male micro USB OTG (On The Go Cable) To Female USB 2" Cable And Yeah You can Use A Standard Length Male Micro To Male USB And DUH Plug the Male USB Into The OTG Female USB And The into the 2nd Device. Send Data To and From devices also select front the drag/drop down taskbar and select what u want to do by having thebcable connected. charge, media device, etc….

  14. They worked long and hard on a cable that has two ends of the same type? Really? It's not rocket science that two batteries connected in parallel will basically charge/discharge each other until both of them are at the same voltage.

  15. Can't wait for that nanohold to fail and drop my phone so I can sue them.

  16. Only the belt worth having, the rest was a waste of time.

  17. How long does NanoHold hold for? Looks like a great product but worried that it might put my new iPhones crash handing capabilities to the test.

  18. Russ B

    Thought the Xoo Belt was a great idea….But Really!!…$249.00 🙁 I'l stick with my external battery charger…

  19. The Electronic Doorbell? Someone is gonna jack that shit and run! lmao

  20. I feel like with the juicer you should be able to transfer data also lke, pictures, music so then it would be cooler

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