$50 SmartWatch? No. 1 Sun S2 Review!

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Home Watches $50 SmartWatch? No. 1 Sun S2 Review!
Published on March 16, 2016

Find this watch here – http://goo.gl/DWIc8y
They sent me 3 smartwatches to review. And this is the first one.

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Intro Track – “Insight” by Haywyre

  1. the booting ah such memorys

  2. I wonder if the smartwatch vibrates at notifications?

  3. Ej2o13

    What's the boot up tune from?

  4. 1. slow down and relax.
    2. that's great that you think certain features don't work well. actually show us them not working well.

  5. Stan

    what's the boot tone from??

  6. So…If 95% of the features on the watch either doesn't work at all? or doesn't work properly how is it useful at all? and why even buy it?…Seems you're much better off to spend more $ and get the genuine article that will function as expected. :)

  7. how long does it stay charged an does Facebook update on the watch

  8. the fuck kind of design decision is it to cut off the bottom of the watch face? o.O

  9. Does it work well Toronto Phone Network,.. indulge me pls

  10. Not that bad, at least it has a heart rate monitor.. Mine doesn't.. But it cost me just like 40 bucks.. Lol
    God job!

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