55″ 1080p Smart TV for $350! [VLOG 02]

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Home TVs 55″ 1080p Smart TV for $350! [VLOG 02]
Published on March 30, 2016

After a lot of trips to Microcenter and troubleshooting, I ended up with a 55″ 1080p Smart TV for $350!

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  1. You'll get used to the size/distance. Once you do get used to it, if you replace it with something smaller, it will seem too small. I wonder if you'll regret only getting 1080p at that size. Hisense also have some very affordable 4k models. Not $350 affordable obviously. I guess you can always sell this one if you do want 4k in the future.


  3. I actually own this tv already. How weird? I must say though the color reproduction is quite awesome for a Tn panel and the viewing angles are still very good. Also because of this tv I now have netflix to netflix and bill

  4. What's up with those laps. Where did u get them from

  5. would you recommend the tv and how much in british pounds

  6. Just curious, was that an oled TV on your wall?

  7. Right now on Bestbuy.com there is a Samsung 40" Smart , curved , and 4K TV for $800

  8. On Aliexpress they once sold a 4k 60" Smart tv made by xiaomi for i think 400$.

  9. 1Eduu

    Where did u bought that white xbox one? Or, is that a skin?

  10. Please talk more about your business. Very interested in learning more

  11. Hey Matt will you please give us a link for the light you got because those are awesome

  12. LGBW97

    I'm dying over that quote when life gives you a 55" Tv for 350 you take it.

    Ps you have a disco room now only a disco ball and you're done! XD

  13. Matt can you do an unboxing and review of the Monster ntune headphones? (I commented this on 3 of your videos just so I can make sure u see it)

  14. brikwil

    I'm glad you feel better!  Great deal on the TV, and – I too have made multiple trips like that just to ensure that I got exactly what I wanted in a product that I had chosen to buy.  I totally get it.

  15. Can you make a vlog on how you make your videos and what you use.

  16. plz make a 300 dollar gaming pc build

  17. Ayyyeee this vid was very entertaining keep it up!!:)

  18. I've been thinking to pick up a 55'' tv for my ps4 for far too long, think gonna buy it now! Great video Matt!

  19. I have the same TV but 60" for 430$ and its a smart 3D 4k tv .i got it from the same company in Dubai .

  20. you have a mic. why didnt you use it?

  21. peel smart remote app could have worked haha

  22. Rilow

    I'd like to buy a smart light bulb, but I'd like more information about those LIFX bulbs which I've barely heard of. When you get the other bulbs, could you do a review about the product? Great video, greeting from argentina :D

  23. Why didn't you go with a 4ktv? There is a 42 inch seiki tv on amazon new for 329 bucks. Granted seiki is a pretty shitty brand but still. But even an LG 43 inch 120hz 4k tv is 500 bucks. Not that much more expensive in the grand scheme of things and its future proof. Just curious about your decision. Not knocking the purchase you ended up making

  24. Bob Hay

    Wait, your semester ends in February?

  25. What Camera gear you use on the videos? thanks.

  26. I have that same Hisense TV! Its a great product. I got the "Non-Smart" 50'' version from Wallmart on Black Friday for 150$. Still 1080p, same bezels, and its been holding up great. looks great. great picture. low power draw. ect. ect. Def. recommend that product :). Btw. What year did you start your channel? Ive been thinking about getting into Youtube as a Sophomore in High School. Did any of the people at your school find your channel and make fun of you, ect? Thanks for the awesome video Matt :)

  27. I wish i could live in the us so i can get those deals!. I'm probably travelling to the states in a few days but do not think I could bring with me a 55' tv as baggage…

  28. what camera gear do you use? Love your vlogs

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