9 Fan Theories On How Game Of Thrones Is Going To End

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Published on January 16, 2017

Who will end up sitting on that iron throne?

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  1. i think Jon will face off with danaerys with the help of brendon taking control of the red dragon (maybe not killing her). this after the white walkers are defeated. The other theory I have is brendon will master the ability to affect the past in his dream state to save his family mainly Jon or ned.

  2. i thought john doesn't like more power he will make her sis arya as king and that boy work on iron factory will be her husband they will rule the kingdom peacefully.. Sophie will head the khaleesi army.. mysha will go to the temple were widow khaleesis is staying… imp will be the hand of the king…

  3. If you hate this I will understand, but I have theorized if Jon Snow and
    Daenerys Targaryen were to die by the end of the show, this is how I picture it happening:
    (Read this at your own risk, BUT STOP!
    if you think this could be potential for spoiling the next season and the end of the show)

    First, I've thought that Rhaegal – Daenerys' green coloured dragon might abandon her to help Jon Snow as he's named after his father and her brother Rhaegar Targaryen. So, I think he would help Jon with killing the Wights and fighting the White Walkers and the Night King.

    Now, if they were both to die, I imagine that Jon will face the Night King and battle him to the death, the Night King will either knock his Valyrian steel sword, Longclaw out of his hand or shatter it (which is not likely because Valyrian steel can kill White Walkers). Without Longclaw, the Night King will attempt to plunge his weapon through Jon's heart, but Daenerys will intercept and be killed in his place.

    Following this, Rhaegal will be flying above the three of them and just before Daenerys takes her final breath, she will call out to him: 'Dracarys.'
    At the same time, Jon will ram a shard of Dragonglass through the Night King's heart, he starts to wilt away into shards of ice as Rhaegals flame incinerates Jon, Daenerys and the Night King.

    Therefore, if all of Dany's dragons are still alive (though due to this theory, I imagine it might just be Rhaegal, but I hope not), they will begin wreaking havoc upon all of Westeros.

  4. That hidden spoiler at 6:30 for season 7. Haha… And this video came out before the leaks.

  5. G0T shall end like how World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King ended.

  6. If game of thrones doesn't end with Jon snow sticking an ice sword through a dragons head whilst bran subdues it with his mental powers and the starks say fuck off daenaryes you basic boring bitch, you got no dragons move aside, then the mountain kills ayra for a last minute ratings shock factor but then the ghost of oberyn returns to pull the mountains spine out from this mouth

  7. "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."
    – Ramsay Bolton

  8. The dragons will die after the battle with the white walkers

  9. justifies the number of likes. bloody awful presentation.

  10. I actually like number 6, only the kids will be left to rebuilt the ruins of their world. 3, 2 and 1 could be possible I suppose.

  11. There's always the main character in a coma theory. Happens upon every movie or television series. My guess is Dany will wreak havoc on Westeross, vying to destroy all who oppose her or refuse to back her on her quest for world domination. Tearing down stone houses and the like. Jon Snow and Dany will clash because she would want him to aid her and he would want her to fight the Walkers with him, IF they ever meet in person. In the end, nobody sits on the throne because it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

  12. littlefinger will win

  13. I prefer the theory where Jorah Mormont is Azor Ahai and kills Dany to bring forth lightbringer

  14. suddenly I really want some kidney pie

  15. I hope it doesn't happen but I fear that Littlefinger will find a way to kill everyone off and rule the kingdoms himself

  16. They keep mentioning legendary bren the builder who raised that giant ice wall, Bren now know that he can travel time. Maybe he did some shit and was actual bren the builder lol

  17. knowing grr martin he likes to avoid the norm what if the night king was azor ahai that would be neet

  18. WebTag

    it will probably end when Dr.Ford decides to step…
    "That's enough Jon" …

  19. Odin666

    Seems like dany is unstoppable now that she has so many armies fighting for her. Seems she could take kings landing with ease

  20. Jon is both ice and fire so….

  21. i will be super pissed if sansa is on the throne and i really dont see how that is even a possibility

  22. i think the name “a song of ice and fire“ refers to jon snow, since he is the son of a targaryen (fire) and a stark (ice)

  23. So you got the picture for Mycah wrong, called it the song of fire and ice… This video was pretty shit. Not to mention you're just an IHE wannabe.

  24. Omg yes, Hot pie (Fat baker Kid) is definitely Azor Ahai and he will sit upon the iron throne when this is all over

  25. Game of Thrones Fan Theory for Seasons 7 and 8:

    Daenerys Targaryen lands in Dorne and solidifies the alliance between the Targaryen’s and Dorne. She lands here because strategically, in the past, this is where Aegon the Conqueror and other Targaryen kings failed to control, though the rest of Westeros fell through invasion. Once she has control of Dorne, she will strike out with the Tyrell armies from House Tarly to launch a joint invasion against Casterly Rock and Storm’s End. Daenerys will want to take Storm’s End first since it is a good stronghold from which to launch further invasions since it is impervious to siege. From there she will have a forward base from which to launch attacks against King’s Landing. The Westerlands are merely to draw Cersei Lannister’s attention away from King’s Landing. She’ll risk everything to protect her homeland, since she wants to be seen as capable a leader as Tywin Lannister. She will divide her forces in two, the larger part being sent to defend Casterly Rock and Lannisport, which is an important trade route and major source of wealth for the Lannisters. As a result of this, the Crownlands will be weaker and that’s where she’ll strike, not with the majority of her Unsullied and Tarly forces, but with a small portion of Unsullied and her dragons. The Stormlands will be the first to fall, then the Crownlands, then the Westerlands. The Greyjoy’s will be ordered to use their fleet to harass Lannister shipping from the Crag to the Shield Islands, effectively blocking all trade. This will put Lannisport under siege and weaken trade between the Crownlands and the Westerlands. Though the Crownlands will be the first to fall, Daenerys will strike King’s Landing because it will be weaker. Afterwards, she will travel to the North to meat King Jon Snow I, and discuss with him about the situation with the White Walker’s and the forces of the Undead. She will see that it would be easiest to marry Jon Snow and have him as either Prince of the Seven Kingdoms (not only because he is the Prince That Was Promised), but because he doesn’t wish to sit on the Iron Throne. Not only this, but if she marries King Jon Snow, then she not only has the entire North united behind him, but also the firm alliance of the Riverlands and the Lords of the Vale. She would negotiate that he would be acknowledged as King in the North while in the North, but a Prince while he is in the South and especially whenever and wherever in the presence of Daenerys. Bran meanwhile will learn how to psychically link with Rhaegal, since green is the color of balance and growth, as well as self-reliance and Bran’s personality type is “The Logician” which means that they pride themselves on their inventiveness, creativity, their unique perspective, and vigorous intellect. What we can see in Bran’s growth is that, though he isn’t all of these things, we have experienced that he has a more unique perspective on the sequence of events more than any other character in the books or TV show apart from Arya Stark. This is why he’d be best suited to have a bond with Rhaegal. Bran will first learn to fly only after he has established a psychic link with Rhaegal, similar to how Eragon only learned how to ride Saphira. He is one of the dragon heads of the prophecy, since he is one of the few who can ride them. It is not required necessarily to have a psychic link with your dragon before you ride it, but it certainly helps. Anyways, it will be during the middle of this union between the Targaryen’s and the Stark’s that the White Walker’s will burst through the wall with their armies. Sam Tarly will be the one who remembers that Dragon Glass is the only thing that can kill them, and Daenerys, through Lord Varys, will remember that Dragon Stone, seat of the house of Stannis Baratheon, was abundant with it. They will start equipping their armies with it, by replacing their steel arrowheads with Dragon Glass. Castle Black meanwhile will be taken by the White Walkers, who will use it as a staging point for further assaults. The weapons production around Dragon Glass weapons will be around the clock, taking place mostly in King’s Landing, Lannisport, Old Town, and High Tower. With all shipments being sent to White Harbor in the North. Since the White Walker’s don’t have ships or dragons, this will be the cause of their downfall. The Houses of the North will be isolated, yet resupplied along the beachheads of White Harbor, Bear Island, Winterfell, Barrowfors, Torrhen’s Square, Castle Cerwyn, Deepwood Motte, Hornwood, Ramsgate, Karhold, Last Hearth and the Dreadfort. The Greyjoy’s, Tyrell’s, and Martell’s will be responsible primarily for shipping more men and weapons to these strongholds. The Twins will be a very strategic land route through the Neck for food from the Tyrell’s and soldier’s from the Stormlands, Tarly’s, Crownlands, and Westerlands. Winterfell will become the central command and control center, but Last Hearth will be where most of the battles are fought, since it is one of the few places the White Walkers can immediately attack. A new border will stretch from Deepwood Motte in the West, drop down to Winterfell, move up north to Last Hearth, and end at Karhold. Karhold and Last Hearth will be attacked the most since otherwise the White Walkers supplies of Undead will run out since Winterfell and Deep Motte are too far away for the time being. They also would be able to strike immediately along the White Knife River down to White Harbor, cutting of the primary Stark port of resupply. Knowing this, Tyrion Lannister and Grey Worm will advise Jon Snow and Daenerys to fortify most heavily along the space between Winterfell and the Dreadfort, and from the Dreadfort to the Weeping Water all the way to the sea. That way, if Karhold and Last Hearth are by passed, then there is still a defensive line to protect White Harbor. This not only protects their supply line, but also forces the White Walkers to fight where the Humans want them too. This won’t matter since the White Walkers don’t care and with each victory they gain more soldiers and don’t care about food etc., but that’s where Daenery’s dragons will come to play. If the White Walkers are engaged in sieges, then all Daenerys has to do is send in her dragons to cut off the retreat of the White Walker forces, and then Jon Snow and/or Daenerys can attack from the left or right flanks. The only counter the White Walkers have is magic, which they would most certainly use against the dragons if possible, but there is no way that the White Walkers could have prepared for them, since there weren’t any really from the Dance of Dragons onwards. With the control of supply, control of the air, and defense in depth, the possibility of three fortified lines, the third being along the Fever River all the way Eastward to the Bite, Daenerys and Jon Snow are guaranteed a victory.

    – Jon V.N.

  26. Hodor come back controling the Whites and conqure Westeros and Essos and becomes the king of the known world

  27. Heres what I think:
    Jon is the Prince that was promised and will be azor ahai that defeats the walkers. He will do so by sticking his sword in Daenerys' heart and that way will make lightbringrr. Than him Bran and Tyrion wil ride the three dragons and defeat The Walkers with his flaming sword

  28. Beray

    My theory, even though possibly already shown to be wrong, but still possible and I hope. The theory is that Jon Snow will discover that he is really the rightful Baratheon heir. He meets Dany with the immanent threat of the white walkers looming they must join forces, as there is still major tension in the kingdoms over the rightful ruler being targareon or Baratheon Jon and Dany get Kayfabe married unite the kingdom, the walkers take the wall down and ultimate battle ensues.

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