A $400 Smartphone for Creepers – ASUS Zenfone Zoom – CES 2016

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Home Mobile Phones A $400 Smartphone for Creepers – ASUS Zenfone Zoom – CES 2016
Published on January 31, 2016

A $400 Smartphone for Creepers – ASUS Zenfone Zoom – CES 2016

ASUS’ Zenfone Zoom’s camera features a 3x optical zoom and great low light performance in addition to solid specs and an attractive unlocked price point!

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  1. Low light performance of the camera on the Zenfone 2 was good? No…

  2. My zenfone 2 lasted don't even 2 but 2 months. It was a poorly made 300 usd piece of crap! I bought lots of accessories for it almost 200 dollars worth. I got a replace… again it lasted 2 weeks! I want 500 USD back from Asus! piece of crap company!

  3. FX

    physical buttons? 2016?

  4. Yea, well, if I were a perv I would just get a Nokia Lumia with a 41 MP camera.

  5. You post for roughly 1-2 days from recording it.

  6. So… you know, old hat, Galaxy K zoom yo.

  7. Looks interesting0 Hi, redundant eggnog What's your opinion about that, guyw 1!

  8. specs may be nice, but damn that phone is ugly af :(

  9. maybe if it didn't run a terrible skin of android and if it didn't look like trash…

  10. I would literally buy a squarespace website to stop these ads.

  11. Why does it look like a love child of apple and Samsung

  12. What?!!! Nokia Lumia 1020?!!! PureView?!!!!!!

  13. didn't Samsung do the same thing with the same name. lawsuit inbound

  14. This guy goes from booth to booth saying whatever the hell he feels like, without even a hint of delicacy whatsoever. I like this guy.

  15. hello, which has better camera?
    Zenfone Zoom or Samsung S6?

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