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Published on December 18, 2016

Acer’s Swift 7 is the laptop which looks as stylish as it is thin and powerful.

  1. Come on, Acer! It's time to grace the Brazilian graphic designers with beauties like this :D

  2. Bien mais mon frère rage car il ne sait pas se l'acheter

  3. Thick screen bezels. Try again Acer, maybe next year.

  4. Gorgeous overall design unfortunately i want thinner bezels. Looking forward for new Macbook pro this Sept. ❤

  5. take a note apple it has a 2 USB type c and a microphone jack !!

  6. Nice design but apple OSX is better.

  7. kreem N

    really beautiful laptop, the bezels is too much for me
    and thankfully a name that can be remembered

  8. This reminds me a lot of a certain HP laptop commercial…

    Like if you agree, I just want to know if others share my opinion

  10. EPIC design! But, how much moneyz is it..

  11. No backlit keyboard ? Why the hell Acer ???????????

  12. one thing I don't see talked about on these new thin laptops is the battery. Can one simply just buy another battery and if so how easy is it to do it yourself or do you have to ship it somewhere to get it replaced?

  13. dat boi

    acer need logo redesign… they bring good product.. but people still remember the bad product from the past…

  14. Logo redesign…think modern. You don't need to do it like razer or apple, but just sharp up that logo

  15. Gorgeous Ad, what is the name of this song, Acer?

  16. Acer should expand on touch screen laptops their the best

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