Alienware 15 2016 Gaming Laptop Unboxing and Preview

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Home Computers & Laptops Alienware 15 2016 Gaming Laptop Unboxing and Preview
Published on May 29, 2016

This video is brought to you by Alienware. Check out the range of Alienware laptops available here:
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  1. Arekkz Gaming Does it contain dvd rom???

  2. OMG this video sucks, not the guy, but the FUCKING LENS FLARES STOP BITCH

  3. Is the size of the screen small? It looks really small or is it just the way we see other?

  4. I'm trying to get into PC gaming and I'm getting this laptop in like 2 weeks 😀 (I'm not rich I just saved up) but anyone recommend any mouses for beginners?

  5. I need this to be explained, would this also work on flight simulators i.e. prepar3d with almost new versions coming out.

  6. Thanks for the video and the good content. But all that lens flare on every transition made it super hard to watch.

  7. I really think there laptops are good and competitively priced compared to msi and Razer especially razer

  8. It looks like it will transform and become a gun

  9. I like how you mentioned about the division

  10. Why would u agree with Alienware, their main goal is to take money away from their consumers. The builds are terrible and waay too expensive. The only decent build they offer is the 17, but that is still too much money…

  11. Alienware is not the gaming laptop of choice. If anyone is in the market get a Razor Blade. Top notch laptop, lightweight and just as powerful (if not more) then an Alienware.

  12. Kris S

    You must be wearing the +100 to lense flare pants or something.

  13. Andy B

    alienware = overpriced bullshit

  14. The Xps 13 was expensive. But it's not good at gaming… Does anyone know its advantages?

  15. Alienware: $600 components; $700 cool looking case; $300 marketing mediocre components in a cool-looking case.

    Total? Too fucking much.

  16. A friend bought a new Dell desk top and the power supply went out. When he opened the case he found Dell had put a used rebuilt one in it but sold it to him as a new one. Such a shit company

  17. Anyone else sit in front of there computer and refresh the page every 1 hour with "The division" type in your search bar hoping for something new to drop?

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