An External Video Card for your Laptop – ASUS GX2 – CES 2016

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Home Computers & Laptops An External Video Card for your Laptop – ASUS GX2 – CES 2016
Published on January 14, 2016

The ASUS GX2 is an external video card enclosure that lets you run a desktop video card on a notebook or a laptop!

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  1. I thought a quad-core CPU was mainly good for multitasking and that most programs don’t take advantage of multi-core CPUs.

  2. This is Linus at EVERY CES, no one should be surprised.

  3. Is that the Azus 2 he's wearing?

  4. "They are running all kinds of benchmarks on a mystery system that quite frankley they are being total assholes about." -Linus CES 2016
    This is the perfect quote for everyone to remember for CES 2016 :D

  5. way to go get those corporate a holes

  6. Will I be able to use it on my 2013 Asus G750 or is it only for new laptops?

  7. CES people.
    "We have to get ready"
    "But how can we do that"
    "Idk ban him"
    "He doesn't care and just runs in"
    "Build a wall"
    "Hell use a amd card to melt it"
    "Yes we can do it AMEN"

    Then he comes
    30min later
    "Project secret pc failed"

  8. DONT LOCK THIS!!! My laptop is in need of a new GPU. I would much rather get another GPU than build me a new rig again and carry all the stuff for it around like a dumbass!

  9. Jesus Linus, tell us how you really feel. "I don't believe them, that it's an early blah blah blah, project that doesn't have a name. It's bullshit" – Linus

  10. If they made 980 gtx that fit inside laptops then why take the external graphics route ?

  11. Olly

    Linus, you just got played. By not telling you about the laptop they have made it more appealing xD, you basically just made that laptop 10x more interesting because we know almost nothing about it, Asus clearly have a smart marketing division.

  12. I bet Oculus will still tell me that it's not enough even after plugging this thing.

  13. LOL they named the title wrong

  14. Razer and ASUS be going head ta head in this area. I'll be interested in seeing the full specs of the laptop soon.

  15. >tries to keep language in check by saying "How the crap"
    >calls the secrecy on the project bullshit

    Oh linus, you never fail to amuse me :') [it is bullshit though]

  16. Would be stupid to lock this out to other hardware manufactures since the Razer Core will not be locked out. I'd like to see either one of these accommodate liquid cooling somehow in design

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