Apple Byte – Microsoft leaves Apple in the dust with tablet and laptop innovation in 2015

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Published on April 4, 2016

Will there be one Apple Ring to rule them all? That’s what a patent application says. Plus, building the thinnest gadget isn’t innovation anymore and Apple just got a reality check from Microsoft.

  1. Kar Sab

    biased. price ?

  2. It's a shame The Microsoft Store completely sucks for tablet users and makes the experience horrid.

  3. I thought the project titan would come out in 2018

  4. Trakker

    The only reason Apple are patenting the Apple ring is Apple is one of the biggest patent trolls in history and they just want to sue anyone who makes it.

  5. Il go for Apple and Microsoft

  6. Apple ring is just stupid mate

  7. Technical innovation means nothing if you can't sell it.

  8. Microsoft be like: see we did there apple? lol

  9. apple for a bunch a pussies they are even smart phones there is nothing smart about them

  10. If anyone wants an update, the surface book has turned out to be a lemon with no fixes in sight.

  11. So, for you at CNET, a keynote that was clearly done on a budget (all of which was spend on the extraordinary technology of HoloLens), and made false claims (Surface Book is 2x faster than a Macbook Pro; proof?) and that it gives 12 hours battery life with its dGPU (and on their website they say that it gives 12 hours on a mid-range config without the dGPU). So, this is the best keynote of the year? Really?! You might need to watch Google's keynote and Apple's keynote of 2015 again and reconsider. Except, if you're on Microsoft's payroll.

  12. Apple was the company who understood that Computer should be for everybody.
    They were the first to understand that tech and beauty should be brought together.
    Rest of the world was making crap.
    Now they started copying Apple..>>From product to Presentation style.
    Apple wants to keep it simple and optimized…yet expensive

  13. Wow !!! Sometimes, even the leading fanboys could realize the truth.
    "Yeah, i said it" > That was funny.
    Even a broken watch will show the right time twice a day.

  14. samsung did the same thing but used for samsung tv

  15. Apple's is innovating within their own box, ipadmini was copied, iphone 6plus also copied…. Ipadpro will soon function like a macbook, it's just the first generation.

  16. Yes! I jumped from my MBP and got a Surface Book… returned 2 weeks later because my 2011 MBP was way faster than this sorry excuse for a flag ship laptop. I want to see how many has been returned. :')))

  17. LMAO. The RING. It uses 3D touch: When it hits something and cracks, the 3D sensor charges your credit card automatically and orders you a new one.

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