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Published on January 14, 2016

Uber may owe users $1.8 million due to illegally charging for airport tolls, Skype is integrating with Microsoft Outlook on iOS, Senator Franken writes letter to Google due to concerns about student privacy, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announces $100 million education fund.

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  1. Keep Katie, she is getting better

  2. Nyana11

    "Apple dominates smartw. sales" i wonder how much APple paid for this headline ….

  3. I'm sorry but Katie Roof is comical to watch. It is clear she is not good in front of the camera. It is also funny watching her try and read the TelePrompt. Please Sarah Lane no more vacations or find someone better to give the reports.

  4. How can apple watch dominate the watch market. According to me Huawei and Moto watch dominate the watch market.

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