Appreciating Game of Thrones While Accepting Its Flaws

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Published on October 30, 2017

► ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Game of Thrones Season 7 Review.
Episode # 111: The Comic Book Girl 19 Show. GOTS7 Series review.

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  1. Rodrigo

    I miss Tyrion in this season.

  2. Mc Anna

    Comic girl, pleaase, please tell me there will be international shipments for the new watchmen box, i would love to be part of the Watchmen Club but i dont live in the USA

  3. hayley s

    Hoping for Brienne and Tormund!

  4. Watchmen isn’t even that good. Why don’t you talk about manga? do you hate Japanese culture bc you’re white? Did you vote for Trump?

  5. European royalty practiced incest for many years to keep the nobel blood "pure" (not bother-sister level). This of course lead to fragile health and genetic diseases. This is also brought up in the Dune books with even the suggestion of Paul and Alia producing a child together.

  6. Love you comic book girl 19. You said what it was to said.
    A shame. blowed my mind and filled the gaps and screwed my fun.

  7. CBG, I can't fucking believe you're from Huntsville AL! I got drunk for the first time ever in that Marriott hotel bar, next door to the Space and Rocket center, and then promptly got kicked out because they found out I was 16.

    Did you ever visit Wizards Comics back when it was open, in Florence AL?

  8. Edwin

    thumbs up if you knew r+l=j from cbg19 for the first time

  9. Edwin

    i really hate that brain, such a bootlicker to cbg, much prefer the robot, much funnier and also sarcasticly good

  10. Why can't Brieanne eat her cake and have two more beefcakes on the side?

  11. this season was the best in a long while. My favorite besides season 1 – I just hate scenes like jamie sinking to the seafloor in full armor just to survive and tyrion getting out smarted by jamie

  12. "I thought you would like the incest because your from Alabama"
    I died

  13. what about tyrion having absolutly no purpose in season 7

  14. The video title very accurately describes where im at with the show rn

  15. What was wrong with space brain? He seemed out of character for the episode

  16. I have never rooted for Jon or Dany to screw. I hate the idea of them being together. Why can't they just be friends? Ugh. I also don't care about the Ed thing. The scene was fine and it did not bother me that he was in it. Otherwise, I agree with everything you said expect those two things. I also think Arya was ridiculous this season. I never really liked her but this season she was so annoying. But glad her and Sansa teamed up at the end. That was cool. And I think Jorah will die too. I love him! Makes me mad he will probably die for Dany… she doesn't deserve him! Good video though.

  17. Great video. I'm not rooting for Jon and Dany though. Hate hate hate them together.

  18. Aaron A

    I'm afraid I need to report this channel to John Tesh for using the Entertainment Tonight theme.

  19. Can you please review Sailor Moon: Crystal seasons 1, 2 and possibly 3? Would very much appreciate it

  20. I was impressed by the production value this season. It was just on another level. But it's so sad to grasp the fact that great visuals do not hide terrible writing. 🙁

  21. CBG, you're so cute getting all giddy and fangirling over Brienne's love life. HAHAHA.

  22. Cody H

    I think there is something wrong with YouTube on mobile devices, I give all of your videos a thumbs up and then it always shows that I haven’t liked your videos.

  23. I think the travel thing is easy to answer…. earlier seasons were on procession (you know like having kings picnics for lunch instead of quick rations) later seasons are in war different mentality different luggage different attendants etc….. thoughts? Its like the difference between going over a mountain range road on a motorbike or family van you know what Im sayin?!

    YUP sold it on the Euron in the books he was bad ass on the show its more of a portrayal of male ego and ahhh thats not scary or badass thats just eh you know?! Its like dude I know youve got balls but grabbin em or making body movements towards them does not a bad ass make you dear sir.

  24. Have to admit, im at the point where I would say the show sucks. I kind of dont care about next season, but obviously I want to see confirmed all the stuff I already know will happen but… eh…

  25. listen. I dont need you to come on here and clap. enough people are clapping. fucking dracarys, fucking dracarys thats shit to the ground, lady. because we ALL know, that was the weakest ass season we've seen yet.

  26. Good call on Arya revealing her skill for nothing, didnt even think, youre totally right

  27. Still watching because you guys have so much fun doing it. (at least on screen)

  28. I love the fact that you were intellegent enough to use the word zeitgeist.

  29. I do think the "old enough to drink" thing was their way of asking "can you hold your liquor?"

  30. I can appreciate your review considering all of the misgivings you had since the series moved past the book material.

  31. I'm on the fence about season 7, would give it 7/10 but only because of Lena Headey and Alfie Allen's acting.

  32. There were so many amazing things in this season. And you talked about what… 2? George agreed to the television show knowing his slow ass wouldnt have the book series done. Why is everyone mad at the show writers? I was on the fence about GoT but your house histories drew me the fuck in. I wish you would go back to that 🙁 it was inspiring and made me love this show and your content.

  33. That orange glass is the real mpv lol

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