ASUS Strix GL502 Review – A Thin and Powerful 15″ Gaming Laptop!

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Home Computers & Laptops ASUS Strix GL502 Review – A Thin and Powerful 15″ Gaming Laptop!
Published on November 17, 2016

My review of the Asus Strix ROG GL502 – A thin and light 15″ gaming laptop. Covering build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad with gaming performance tests.

  1. Should I get this? I live in Singapore which has a hot and humid climate if you didn't know. Since this laptop gets pretty hot I'm scared it might overheat from the climate

  2. Could you recommend a laptop under £500 for gaming (Rocket league, minecraft etc) Thank you

  3. definitely has some great features, but ugly AF and the construction looks really chintzy.

  4. Matt

    this or msi ge62vr

  5. advice ppl.. im thinking about getting the 12gb ram version instead of the 16gb version since the price difference is a lot.. also the 12 gb version contains 1tb hdd at 5400 rpm while the 16gb version contains 1tb at 7200 rpm. Im getting it for day to day activities and light gaming. so should i get the 12gig one or spill extra cash to get the 16gb version? TIA!

  6. Skipper

    Maybe my christmas present for myself because my current laptop's almost 8 years old lmao

  7. why is this laptop called Strix if it has ROG logo?

  8. and now its crazy to see a Strix with a 1070.

  9. Would you recommend this laptop? I need a laptop for college and it'll probably be used for video editing and some gaming

  10. How long will this computer last from working and with battery saver may I ask?

  11. 180 watts seems a bit low for all that kit. did it run without draining while the adapter was plugged in or was the battery still being drained, just at a slower rate?

  12. the high temperature of the laptop in the long run can cause internal problems, in your opinion?
    I say this because there are laptops on the market that have a larger cooling system, while it has a more "simple".
    Thank you !

  13. My xmas present this year I think haha. :)

  14. Bea Bor

    does the logo behind the laptop lit up when you on the laptop?

  15. Dave Lee, you should make a review about asus rog strix gl553vw :D

  16. I got a gl502 vy at 4k resolution

  17. Which one better ,gl502vt or Gl752vw.
    I looking for gaming laptop under $1300

  18. can the amazon website be trusted?

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