Asus ZenWatch 2: The budget smartwatch to beat!

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Home Watches Asus ZenWatch 2: The budget smartwatch to beat!
Published on February 3, 2016

Wearables. We love ‘em. Gotta have ‘em. But does this year’s entry from Asus have what it takes to tango with the big boys?

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  1. Can i connect it to an iphone devise?

  2. to bad for asus ,lg stoped the sales of the lg g watch r,the urbane 2 but still sell the lg g watch first gen,the new 2015 version is called lg g watch buddy and have a leather strap and latest android wear. the thing is you find this smartwatch around 60$…with same hardware as the asus almost(ips screen,no wifi,or speaker).destroying the asus due to the price.

  3. I honestly didn't know those were bezels until every reviewer I saw complained about them. If you think of them as part of the design, they fit in nice.

  4. i applaud this video and mark, for pointing out how little everyone uses the heart rate monitor but how much it is complained about.. the heart rate monitor is a gimmick.
    and i see in the comments stuff like "those bezels are a deal breaker", really? how? why is that a deal breaker when the moto 360 2nd is more than 2x the price, $130 vs $299? isn't that what a deal is?

  5. I will be getting one this week, love the design hands down over the 360. my dream device would have been the gear s (original) with Android wear

  6. does sync up and intergrate with android smartphones? Do emails or texts automatically send to this watch, at the same time as the android phone receives it?

  7. can you receive or make calls from the zenwatch2??

  8. I'd say lose the bezel & take the screen all the way to the edge. Put in the Heart Rate Monitor & improve the Mobile App (While keeping the price the same) & they would have a winner!

  9. And I'm here with my 16 years battery clock

  10. Can we view images from mobile and zoom in those images?
    Can we also view entire text documents from mobile?

  11. Eggaro

    I got it and use it for iOS, and all it does is do notifications but has no access to the extra apps, custom watch faces and pretty much everything that isn't a notifications. It tracks your steps and time pretty good though. Have until the beginning of Jan. to return it and I might just exchange it to the entry model of the Apple Watch. If you're on iOS, just stick with the Apple Watch. It's more expensive yes, but we all knew the price of being in the Apple ecosystem.

  12. Will this work with a iphone?


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