Ben Heck’s DIY Novena Laptop Part 1

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Published on February 27, 2016

In this episode Ben and Felix set out to create the ultimate Hackbook Pro using the Novena laptop (A new open-hardware computing platform, flexible and powerful, designed for use as a desktop, laptop, or standalone board.)
The build will be broken up into three parts, lets get started!

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  1. couldn't you just dd from the SD Card into the SSD and extend the ext4 partition later to fill the entire disk ?! that'd be much easier

  2. Alternate title for this episode: Ben Learns Linux. jk. Good stuff here so far.

  3. drzaca

    Cool, but what I dont get – why are you using fat16 file system for linux, instead of ext3? And swap partition on a SSD? Good luck with that

  4. Neat idea, but at over $500 for just the board, it's a little too expensive. I do like how you can expand the memory though. This is something needed on boards like the Raspberry Pi (at least one model). I use my boards not just for tinkering, but for actual work and games. So this is very close to what I need.

  5. vitb24

    What screen is that in the blue wrapping and where can I get one or one like it?

  6. not to get on anyone's nerves but I think Debian is the worst distro of Linux IMHO.

  7. Tyler L

    if Felix ever finds a higher paying job your'e gonna be in trouble lmao dude knows his stuff

  8. jeez, someone needs to teach these guys about sudo su

  9. Why does Felix always seem like he is depressed?

  10. jhax78

    Another project that hardly anyone will make because of the insane amounts of money being charged for the board alone

  11. Where can I get the Novena? What is the web site?

  12. I almost fell out of my chair when you said, "There's a lot of typing in Linux." Take it from a old UNIX hacker the typing equals control of the system. More than just pointing at pictures.

  13. you guys had a long skype chat…. 25 mins

  14. dont do the win32 disk imager on flash drive it kill to of my 16 GB stick and im stuck with a 2GB stick use universal usb installer much more friendly to usbs google it should be the first on the list

  15. sudo make me a sandwich

  16. I wish laptops had a wideband spectrum analyzer, or an SDR embedded into it. I think that FPGA would go nicely with all those A/D samples, but I think just getting something like GNURadio with a "Fosfor" display might be a bit of work for such custom hardware.

  17. Ben. You are loosing the plot. Who wants to watch a video of someone typing at a command line? We want to see you designing and building cool hardware. (Your show is usually awesome!)

  18. A96B6

    Looks like a lot of fun and a total waste of time. Win 10 for the win.

  19. I feel like the laptop should have an anti theft shocker(electrocution) activated by wifi if stolen

  20. I never knew that there was an open-source laptop 😀
    thank you for good information!

  21. all laptops need to have mechanicl keyboards.

  22. Felix fails at explaining things to Ben. I use that attitude when I'm dealing with hopeless people, but Ben isnt hopeless, so he should just explain the commands better and maybe the episode would be a little less cringeworthy

  23. I would like to see a laptop that does not use an integrated motherboard. It would be nice to be able to upgrade independent parts of it.

    The core board will have the CPU, and Micro SD card where the firmware is installed.
    Then be able to expand it with sound, graphics, PCI, RAM Expansion, etc.
    A graphics card working the same way will be nice. Upgrade the GPU, VRAM, etc.

    Computers need to be universal. Laptop and Desktop computers need to be more interchangeable. (eg: Add boards for a laptop build. Or add boards for a desktop build. Then buy the cases, etc.)
    If your low on money. It would be nice to just get the base parts. Then use them to upgrade and/or convert one you already have.

  24. sudo su –
    and then do all the root stuff 😀 That's what I always do.

  25. Doing all that in Linux is just too complicated. I'll wait until I can build a Windows system. For some reason Linux devs have something against making the system at all user friendly to administrate.

  26. My favourite part is when Ben completely ignores Felix trying to tell him how to do things that means he has to type less, then later complains about having to type so much :)

  27. I like your show. Just to throw some idea your way. How about a portable clam shell Wii U, a table top arcade cabinet 3DS, or a table top arcade cabinet PS Vita.

  28. Linux Mint with Cinnamon desktop Rocks… No Programming. Nice GUI. Unless you are a power user. but i use the command like in windows. it is easier to get to things with out going thought 10 menus like in windows 8. I use Mint to load on system i need to test hard ware with out buggy windows running. and know if hard ware is working. and i don't have to worry about windows HAL that you cant move between systems easily. Not including recovering (reset) windows passwords.

  29. tyshef

    so I have a couple qi chargers, and I have a couple battery powerbanks, what would it need to combine the 2? so I can charge it without over charging, charge it and use it at the same time, or just use the battery inside to qi charge.

  30. I love your videos in general, but watching unending command line hacking is just not entertaining or interesting.

  31. I feel like linux has a lot of secrets like sudo !! I need to find a video thats like for people with some good amount of time with linux but dont know things like sudo !!.

  32. Ben makes him load the UI and the uses gparted in command line. LOL

  33. a feature i think you shud add, is a joystick as a mouse (maybe use the same joystick the psp uses? since its super flat.)

  34. So I hear you like open-source laptops? Don't forget to check out the exclusive content from behind the scenes of past and future episodes of The Ben Heck Show on the element14 Community.
    You can chat with me there!

  35. So what you're saying Ben is that I can add you on skype because your email address is there on my screen. :)

  36. If you had installed "gparted" then it would be easier to partition the SSD. Because it offers a GUI.


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