Best Laptop Cooler Ever? (Opolar Review – 2016)

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Home Computers & Laptops Best Laptop Cooler Ever? (Opolar Review – 2016)
Published on December 21, 2016

Hey, want super effective laptop cooling pad/cooling gadget ever? This is it for you. The video is all about laptop cooling device OPOLAR and its effectiveness and features. It is quite known that every laptop heats up when you play heavy games, do multitasking, video editing etc. But what if you have a solution? Thinking WHY? As the experts report that every 10 degree raise in CPU temperature would harm the laptop interms of efficiency and speed. It can lead to damage of hard drive and RAM also aside from CPU. All the detailed statistics are given in the link mentioned below.
Opolar cooler is a super effective cooler for some regular or normal laptops putting aside some exceptional gaming beasts. It does the job pretty well and nice. The product link is given below.

***This model is 2016 Opolar Model which has temperature display LCD screen on it.

***You Can Buy it From Here:
Amazon US:

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  1. Nice video I was looking into buying a good laptop cooler just wondering if you would recommend it for a 17 inch gaming laptop, will it be cool enough for the laptop. I have an Alienware 17, should I get a bigger cooler or will this one be good for it?

  2. Hey, I have a MSI GX70 gaming laptop. I've been looking around everywhere trying to see if this product would fit my laptop. Without any luck, I'm wondering if you think it will fit? Thank you very much.

  3. What product can I get for vents on the back of my laptop???

  4. hi i have also a msi gaming laptop. this the gl62 6qf 1225 is this will also fit?

  5. JS Lee

    do you think this will work for sager laptops?

  6. aos10

    i have the same cooler,how to change from F to C?

  7. Mg, i thought so u gonna try it on ur MSI Gaming laptop, because i have Titan Pro with Pascal Gpu and it's getting to be hot like a hell during gameplaying but u tested it on some 300 years old laptop…

  8. Do you think it'll work on the MSI G43VR?

  9. it doesn't cool .. it only take heat.
    so don't use it unless when ur laptop is burning(in other word, while gaming) .. mine degree is 78F without it and 99F at highest and lowest vaccum speed.
    I wonder if it's a good idea to use a cooling fan with it.

  10. Can you provide an link to that article? Sound like an interesting topic to read a little more on.

  11. Hey so this is not permanently fixed to the laptop right? I have an MSI GL62 6QF with exhaust vents on the backside, will it work for my model? Do all Opolar models work with rear exhaust vents? Sorry for so many questions, i do appreciate your replies

  12. Can it use with msi GP62 6qf laptop?? If not plz suggest me a any vacuum cooler….. Thank you.

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