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Published on January 14, 2016

A Comparison of the Surface Book and XPS 13 to find the best laptop!
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Microsoft surface book –

Dell XPS 13 “Skylake” –

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  1. this is a joke richie warbucks isn't your everyday youtube viewer thumbs down.

  2. Thanks for the review, but which one do you like better and why?

  3. Your title should be best windows laptops because mac book 15 inch 2015 is superior.

  4. i call hacks, MUM

  5. Merry Christmas Zeo !! May Gbu always 🙂 i love your videos !

  6. Intersting Preview. thx 4 that. I invite You to watch my channel to Bro :-)

  7. nice but for $2.000 i buy desktop pc with 32 gb ram corsair vengeance ddr4+corsair tx850+ssd evo 850 2 tb+asus rampage V extreme+intel core i7-5960x+corsair graphite 780+blu ray/dvd/cd drive +21.5" lcd monitor …. 4 times better than the best laptop that you showed here.

  8. El Foca

    I really like lenovo y700 for his design,but i will not use it for you think I will have to buy it?

  9. nice video any news from ASUS? r these guys lazy or what still the same lame models of previous yr??? need sth from ASUS to blow my mind like the model i bought 3yrs ago

  10. step

    great video! you should review the xps 15

  11. I was planning on getting the New Dell XPS 15. Great specs and cheaper than a mac :D

  12. Hi, I am going to high school and thinking about getting one of these laptops, I am mainly going to do research, projects, and take notes. So which one of these will be the best for me? Thanks!

  13. Hello i want to buy this laptop, can u tell me if its good or is other that is better for 1000€?
    Intel Core i7-5500U 2.4 GHz
    -Ram 8 GB
    -Storage 1.5 TB
    – NVIDIA GeForce 940M 2GB
    – Screen+Resolution 17.3'' 1600×900

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