BEST Smartphone Under $400 – ZTE Axon 7

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Home Mobile Phones BEST Smartphone Under $400 – ZTE Axon 7
Published on November 11, 2016


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Review of the ZTE Axon 7. Performs like a flagship for half the price. Truly one of the best smartphone experiences with almost no compromises.

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  1. plzz give ur 2 nd hand i phone 6s

  2. 6GB of ram? Which model do you have?

  3. Mr Don

    Doea this phone support simultaneous 3G and 4G on both SIMs?

  4. Randy D

    great phone. i love my axon 7.

  5. i am so impreshed as you and more waiting for it to come in my country

  6. Freedom

    I notice your version has the on screen buttons. Where can i get that version?

  7. where can i buy it for 400$? I only see it for 650$+ and then I take oneplus 3 for sure

  8. Dude, where did you get that bracelet ? It's dope, can you tell me the name of the brand or how can i find it ? nice review btw lol

  9. Definitely my next phone I'm sold well wanted before but really want it now also I subbed to your channel awesome videos man

  10. Men that design is shit. IS SHIT!

  11. Its obvious you were paid to review this in a positive way .-.

  12. Picked a New one up on Amazon for $300!!!!!

  13. I have this phone I love it. but this is biased! The phone is great but the camera is only midrange. Know way it can beat all those other phones. it's a great phone tho for the money

  14. Where could i buy this that would ship international ?

  15. I watched a lot of videos about this phone. Built quality is perfect 10/10, phone durability 10/10, screen 10/10, battery is 3250 mAh 10/10, speed or performance 9/10, camera not good as s7, Lg g5 or Iphone 7 but it is great 9/10, and speakers are the best that is obviously 10/10. No water resistant and there is expandable storage with 258 gb. If you don't need perfect camera and no water resistant this phone is perfect.

  16. Btw BMW is a German car company, so if that thing is designed in USA, that means that it is not designed by the same guys that design the cars, so no, I dont see where you're getting at

  17. What phone should i get ZTE axon 7(grey) or OP3, i kinda like the ZTE more because its a 2k SCREEN thats crazy, the OP3 screen i heard is not all that great because it is a diamond pentile setup so it is not as sharp, its not exactly 1080p because of the pixel setup its actually less near about 800p, so idk, plus software does not matter all that much both perform great and software can always be fixed via update, if you want a good phone go with the AXON

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