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Published on January 22, 2016

These are my Top 5 Smartphone Picks of 2015 along with a selection of recommended smaller and cheaper phones.

Thanks for another great year! Much more to come in 2016 so stay tuned!

Best Smartphones Playlist:






  1. but you didnt mention the battery life of note 5 and iphone.

  2. Are you reselling some phones and other device that you unboxed and revieved?

  3. I like how they have like twenty variations of android phones and like one iPhone. I want the lgv10 or the Galaxy s6 plus

  4. may I have the grey iPhone 6 please I will pay you with this thats what you want

  5. Sad there was no Xperia Z5

  6. can u do a video on Microsoft surface pro 4

  7. hi sir your youtube profile picture is awesome

  8. we all know nexus 6p is the best

  9. Still on my old Nexus 5, I can't even remember how many times I've dropped it on concrete, stone and regular floors. Once I dropped it and then accidentally stepped on it, causing some scratches from the sand that was on the large rocks I dropped it on. Since it was screen side down, it got some scratches. Other than those, there's some glitching to the microphone, which I've solved by putting some paper on the back, putting pressure on the glitch.
    Plastic phones that can break open are great since they can take up a lot of the energy by deforming and separate when they fall. I would never get a metal/glass phone. They break too easily.

  10. Where did you get so much money to buy'em from?

  11. my dad owns a 6s …and u r gr8 as usual detroit ;)

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