Better Than The Apple Watch? | Sony SmartWatch 3 Unboxing

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Published on January 14, 2016

Shout out to Sony for sending me a SmartWatch 3. Time to Unbox!
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  1. azimp

    Can this work with my iPhone 6

  2. I have a Sony SmartWatch 3 in the original black silicone band. And it works great, I love it. All the specs are true. And with using it very limited, I have gotten 2 days of battery life. But if you install games, and calculators, and keep the screen on all day, it will still last a full day. All though, I do recommend turning it all the way off at night if you try to get that 2 day battery life.

  3. Does it have GPS or compass? Compass is not very useful.

  4. What I really like about my Apple Watch above all is that I don't want to work out in the gym with the stainless steel band I take that off and slip on my sports band with that watch your stuck with what ever band it comes with

  5. Next time please show the product in action more. Specs tend to be the best possible use a product can give but when you use it you rarely meet the requirements. I prefer to decide based on watching the product in action rather than reading it's specs. Thank you and keep it comming!

  6. Fezzent

    how about demoing the actual watch? like software and usability?

  7. PopoY

    More talk less watch details and walk through!

  8. Megabits? Really?

  9. every smart watch is better than apple watch

  10. no you are wrongf it is telling you to connect phone io love apple watch

  11. Definitely better. Apple please hide yourself, android is the best!

  12. lmao!!!!!! Are you high? THIS watch doesn't stand up to the Samsung lineup. Apple isn't even a contender. Apple iWatch doesn't even compare to the Samsung Gear or Gear S2. Sure, Apple makes aesthetically beautiful products, but they are very niche, limited devices. Sony is clunky and much like a prototype of what Samsung may have come out with 8 years ago. Samsung has mastered the smart watch. NFC technology in wearable devices is amazing, but MST is on the bleeding edge of technology.

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