Build a DIY screen out of recycled parts for cheap

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Home Computers & Laptops Build a DIY screen out of recycled parts for cheap
Published on January 5, 2017

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Laptop users generally have to just put up with having a single main screen, but thanks to upcycling we can build a DIY portable secondary screen for laptops using recycled parts to keep the cost as low as $25! It not only performs really well, but it looks incredibly unique – it’s a piece of solid industrial tech this one! Once you use two screens you can never go back!

  1. can you keep a raspberry pi in the back and build a PC

  2. how do you find that charger extender i have been searching all over the internet for HP charger extender but no luck. I dont want to ruin the charger because i have to give the laptop back at a point

  3. Hello,

    Where can I find a charger for this type of controller that supports 12V? And is there a way to charge it using a USB from a main pc?

  4. gbg5

    Can i use a wall socket with a usb and power adapter going to the voltage stepdown regulator input and power the screen with the output

  5. Or you could but a used monitor for $20 at the pawn shop or even Goodwill.

  6. Xx TrXz

    Hey how about the other electronic work

  7. bro i want to build this from and old led samsung monitor, the board is fried but display is good can I replace it with universal tv board ???

  8. is tearing down old laptop is good mine hangs alot but still works…

  9. can u give me one screen u made i will buy it plzzzz

  10. hello i'm preparing materials to do this monitor, i took off the monitor from an old laptop but i pressed the screen in the part where it says "do not push" v( ‘.’ )v
    is there a way to check if the screen works without purchasing the control board?
    how did you tested the speakers quality on the diy wireless tv project?
    thank you!

    i want to make a computer-tv and after building the monitor i will plug in a raspberry pi 3 and a dvb-t to take the tv signal

  11. Hi DIY Perks

    Would it be possible to go a step further and use the old laptop's battery for the monitor build?

    I'm thinking of using a setup like this for a quadcopter camera.

    Thanks for all your awesome projects, I can never wait to see another one.


  12. This would be perfect if it were touchscreen

  13. awesome homemade!!! XD can you make a gatebox? please make a tutorial for making gatebox -/-

  14. When I was removing the screen from a broken desktop monitor, I accidentally trashed the backlight so I only have the lcd panel now. Can I still make this work or did I ruin it?

  15. Hi guys… i have a very good LCD Panel Full HD as a spare part from a Samsung SyncMaster SA350. It looks like the one in the video.
    The Monitor is working but i can't plug in any cables… (it fell from the table and caused a permanent damage to the connectors)
    So I decided to disassemble it and order that lp156wf controller. But I quickly realized, that those monitors from laptops have a smaller connector. The connector of my LCD is wider and is purely made out of flatcable… so no metal plug on the end. I can't find one on ebay which would be able to connect to my flatcable 🙁 any ideas???

    Best regards!

  16. patw999

    Thumbs down on this video. Not because it's a bad video but because I seriously dislike the white bar across the video. Either write what you want to say or say what you want to say, but don't do both. I find it very distracting and makes difficult to concentrate on what you are saying. But then again I have a very low IQ and when doing anything I find it difficult to concentrate,LOL. But it is a good video. Just so many people on youtube are putting in the stupid bar and words.

  17. What happens if I plug this in my iPad using an adapter??

  18. Forza

    Add a raspberry pi and make a $50 AIO!

  19. h4jkos

    Do I need to install any software, or i will just plug it and it will work ?

  20. Vinny L

    Very nicely made!!! I'm going to try it one day when I get my hands on a broken laptop.

  21. which mouse are you using ? if you do mind me asking.

  22. opa nao sei ingles mais fiz e ficou muito bom, vou tentar fazer um monitor maior usando 6 telas

  23. which department Enginner you are? electronics?

  24. JFrame

    I'm actually doing this, but where do I find the right power adapter and port size?

  25. Wait wait wait did you just assume the gender of the pillars??

  26. do you think this would work with smaller screens fitted onto a car headrest

  27. hi, i removed the screen but havent got a number like yours. can you tell me which one it would most likely be?
    6ual36213f h04
    thanks in advance!

  28. Thanks for the tutorial dude! Im considering to build a cheap 3 screen surround gaming setup. And your video is all that i need …

  29. how well are the colours represented from your controller Matt? mine seems to be like 16 or 8bit and not 32 bi!

  30. Really good tutorial 😀
    Just a little … I can't remember how to say that in english … suggestion (?) : Did you think you can create a standing claws to put the screen on it ? The goal is to rotate the screen when you want ^-^
    (And because I'm crazy : an arduino with a sensor on the screen to make rotate the display when the screen rotate ?)
    PS: Sorry for my english, I'm french :/

  31. is it possible to use a LCD from a dead android tablet?

  32. Base B

    awesome guy ;-)

  33. Seb Pal

    For my display my model number is N154I1 -L07.

    I cant find any controls that are for the -L07 so I was wondering does that make a difference? Or will any one with N154I1 -XXX work?

  34. wats the screen itself called, i cant find a screen without the casing and stuff

  35. Where could I find a controller for the digitizer from a touchscreen laptop??
    Ive found plenty of control boards for the lcd but almost impossible for the digitizer. Im assuming itll be to serial to usb.. which is fine. The only ones Ive found are for resistive touch..

  36. This, sir, is AWESOME!

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