Can you Game on a $500 Laptop?

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Home Computers & Laptops Can you Game on a $500 Laptop?
Published on February 28, 2016

Today we answer the question, can you game on a $500 Laptop
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  1. you can get the lenovo g50-45 for $500 new or $200-$300 used. It can play most steam games cs source, l4ds, tf2, cs go, fallout nv, skyrim, fallout 4 low settings with 40-50fps

  2. The lenovo was around $500 dollars then… But now its 700

  3. Kids just take your 500 and get a custom bout pc

  4. Guys the laptop's you mencion can run League of Legends? and talk on skype at the same time?

  5. $YO MAMA IS UNDER 500

  6. can u play sc go counter strike on all of thees computers, plz answer!

  7. which in is good for playing all the Sims 4 games?

  8. if you have 500 bucks, just buy a alienware alpha. i3, gtx960m, 8gb ram. for 300$

  9. idc 30 frames 60 is better obviously but i dont mind i just want killer visuals

  10. I thought this had the gtx940m I was like omg but then I realized that it was the NVidia 940

  11. Modoto

    i like how they are talking about the best low budget laptops and they are both using craptops

  12. Gob bless both you guys and everything you do.

  13. Can somebody give some advice?
    I want to buy a laptop that can play games like gta 5 and cod.And also good at editing.

    And wtf is fps?

  14. my computer was $370 and i get about 100 – 160 fps.

  15. Sloths

    how much fps would you get playing cs go at high settings

  16. GoLapse

    Talking about gaming machines (uses MacBook)

  17. I'm thinking about getting the Levono Flex 2, is that good for gaming?

  18. How much fps will I get at a steady rate without any mods or anything in minecraft

  19. i fell like this is a scripted and you keep cutting your cosign of. And your way to hyped slow down a bit so we can here what your saying.

  20. Can the first one run steam as well

  21. Win Ng

    if I buy acer e5-574 is it same with e5-573 . teach me plz

  22. Hey can I play csgo on one do you think?

  23. Just to warn anyone, the 5200U is a hyperthreaded dual core CPU, despite being an i5. All Broadwell U CPUs in the Core i family are hyperthreaded dual core for low power use, but only i5 and i7 having turboboost.

  24. CJP

    My 180$ laptop plays games perfectly at 1080p!

  25. please turn down the fucking music

  26. Can this laptop called the: Aser 15.6 aspire E 15 E-571-563B handle fallout 4, gta 5, bo3, fallout 3 and nv heavily modded with ENB's mods and can it also run all these games on low-medium settings? Please reply.

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