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Published on March 12, 2016

Casio’s first smartwatch has a barometer, altimeter, compass, and GPS built in.

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  1. are u OK 500$ ithink the motorola 360 it's better .ther is no GPS or sensor of heart in casio hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii casio are u OK 500$ for this shut watch
    hhhhhhh casio go see the doctor we are OK we are not crazy to bay this old watch hhhhhhhh vive Samsung and appel and Motorola

  2. It's very Gee Whiz and Whiz Bang but still too damned expensive… :(

  3. So for this watch, is there any on board memory? Would one need to always have there phone next to them?

  4. I red the watch will cost 500 usd. It`s a joke because not even a microphone is present.

  5. y so rude guys? i always do french manicure and peel my legs before going outdoors )) but my wife doesn't appreciate it much

  6. I know…but what's the use of looking at something that is still NOT available. And you will have to take it off and charge it. Protreks solar watches are tougher and go and go and go for 8 years or more without any battery changes. So it will be more durable and more waterproof. Everyone else has had smart watches for four years now, Casio. By the time it comes to market, we will be over these and on to curved phones that have bigger screens and do more…you've missed the market.

  7. I'm pretty sure that it was someone else's arm going through the watch features while he recorded and described what the (most likely female) "model" was doing.

  8. Sorry, but I can't watch a man with them nails! Call me what you like!!

  9. i beg your pardon, but do you have french manicured nails?!

  10. Casio released smart watch in start of but failed to update software making there smart watch not so smart customer service pretty much told there customers sorry but f u. don't waste your money

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