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Published on December 8, 2016

This is an unboxing and review of a £20 Smartphone Projector. It was bought from Argos in the UK. Before comments say otherwise, the projector was used on multiple different surfaces, light and dark. It was used at multi different distances, including less than 20cm away from a wall and over 3m away. The brightness on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Nokia Lumia 930 was used) was at maximum, was in the correct position and was projecting a 4k video. The focus of the projector was changed multiple times with little difference to the quality.

Everything was tried in an attempt to make this projector… project.

I wanted it to work so bad, but sadly, it just doesn’t.

Opium Pulses Website:

  1. Haha I'm actually gob-smacked.. I have no words

  2. Aw, shame it didn't work. It looked kinda cool until you actually turned it on ;D

  3. I bought one of these through ebay from the Argos outlet and it is total rubbish, I sent it back and got a full refund. Do not buy one at any price

  4. Really ?? Only 2 out of 10 ? That shit is – 10 at the least . That crab is Totally useless . I'm returning mine ASAP

  5. Instructional video here of how to set this up properly –

    Did you set it up exactly like this? the one I have here works. The product is more of an app toy for kids rather than a serious projector.

  6. thank you for the review I really appreciate it I was about to buy one until I saw your video you sent me 20 pounds :-)

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