DIY Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad Hack To Every Smartphone For Free ! – Magnet Lifehack

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Home Mobile Phones DIY Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad Hack To Every Smartphone For Free ! – Magnet Lifehack
Published on July 24, 2016

Let’s Make any smartphone or old cheap phone wireless charging compatible with this hack with just 4 magnets ! Absolutely free of cost to make with homemade things you have ! Make your phone charging lot easier with this magnet life hack !

Any Branded cellphones will work for this hack samsung, motorola,lg, or any other brands will work .

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Smartphone Hack For Adding Magnet Power Dock

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  1. hi, i actually like the idea and im projecting it right now. i have a question and hope you can help me. on how to find + or – on the terminals without inserting usb cable, mine was already broke:( and my only hope is this to make my phone alive again. it is built in battery thats why i cant tap any wires. tia

  2. Me, I won't sacrifice my phone case.

  3. Will the USB port still work with this mod?

  4. do not keep the phone on the dock upsidedown.. you will blowout your phone

  5. One way to start a fire as you short out the battery if phone is placed on a metal surface.

  6. hi kedar I want to contact you m too from India and electronic hobbits

  7. Could you please share the link to the magnets. Thanks in advance.

  8. Would do this in a single cell battery bank to hook to my cell phone and avoid the wire dangling.

  9. great hack kedar, one suggestion is maybe you should add some sort of electical/ mechanical reverse polarity protection!

  10. nice video Kedar.. I think it's not wireless but…still good idea about magnets.

  11. Kadaman

    Okay, but if u put this phone on the metal surface u make
    short circuit. Is not it?

  12. Less fuss!

    It requires the data connections from the cable though to enable quick charging, otherwise it can't interface with the transformer to negotiate charge current

  13. nice idea dude but a bit dangerous if you have mental pieces on your desk :/

  14. Kedar do you have any thing planed for the raspberry pi?

  15. Kedar u are awesome! Keep making more informative videos!

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