DZ09 SmartWatch Review

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Published on March 30, 2016

In depth review of the DZ09 Smartwatch. Watch before you buy.

  1. I got one and it broke in 3 months and I made a review on it in the channel I have.

  2. Can this be used as a stand alone device? Meaning: Could I sync up my bluetooth earbuds with the watch and play music through it?

  3. great watch and only 19.99 on amazon w/ free shipping, search for 'sellsim dz09'

  4. dude its a smart watch what did you expect it needs to fit on your wrist

  5. Hello there. I have the exact same watch but I don't have the themes app, twitter app and whatsapp. Any help? Maybe any way to get it on there?

  6. thank you for your response but I went to T Mobile we tried 3 different SIM card and we still had a problem trying to get it to work can you suggest a store or a special SIM card if so help me out thank

  7. the video help a whole lot the problem I have if you can help me I have a tmobile sim card in is active but read SIM card inactive what can I do

  8. Hi I have the same watch I put up T-mobile SlM card but the SIM card does not work I want to know how to get it to work do you know how please let me know how to get the SIM card to work

  9. Just using the Bluetooth function can you text and make calls? please message me back.

  10. oo ok cool so i don't have to have t-mobile to use the Internet just buy the card and im good

  11. ooo well i got Sprint and they don't have sim cards do u know what SIM card you would prefer to get

  12. I have a samsung phone how can I add my contacts to this watch do I just do it through bluetooth and it automatically updates

  13. Hello, which one is better? G18 or DZ09? Which one do you prefer?

  14. Why do youtubers not reply to their viewers..smh

  15. u can turn the start-up/shut-down sound off, no problem :)

  16. Hi, what's your highest resolution camera in photo mode – VGA (640×480) or QVGA ( 320×240 ) ? Thank you.

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