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Published on March 2, 2016

DZ09 Smartwatch Review

In this video, Jonathan Lee reviews a smartwatch from ZOOMTOP Shop. This smartwatch is a high quality but cheap product. Find out what is interesting about this smartwatch in this video.


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  1. nice watch.. I bought one, only down fall is battery life is soooo short…..  have to recharge every three to four hours…..  which is a pain.   and the watch band comes apart after awhile because of cheap material. and the charging port is badly put on the mobo, they just cold weld it, the same as super glue it.  and after awhile the port comes lose that causes charging issue.  other than that cheap smart watch with very nice features.  YOu pay for what you get.

  2. I have one problem, I don't have themes like other vids show, I have no what'sapp notifier, and no status bar.
    Please tell me if my watch is normal

  3. My watch can't detect the memory card. Do u know why? What should I do?

  4. ,can you review a cheap smartwatch with custom watchfqces pleasse do menyion me in a comment

  5. what about whatsapp, facebook and twitter in it. How to use it? Could you help me? I just bought it and it shows connection failed.

  6. can you tell me how to delete messages on watch thanks.

  7. How well does the SMS reply function from the watch work?

  8. can i connect bluetooth headphones to the watch? if so then can I also connect my smartphone at the same time?

  9. Do you NEED to have the sim card to call or is it optional

  10. Veloce

    Thank you for over 6k views. Comment for what you want to see in the next video !

  11. RUS

    Hi, is the screen visible under bright sunlight? And can we record video with the camera?

  12. Hello friend
    I can connect the watch to my mobile phone (note 3) can i dial off the watch so it uses my phone sim? Thanks

  13. man you can shoot on the fly pic for 30 bucks who cares if it looks shitty its 30 bucks!

  14. Can I use chinese LG tone parallel to this watch? Say have watch and headset connected, but only use Chinese LG tone for calls and music?

  15. if i have bluetooth earpods and want to run with the watch and the earpods without a phone it is possible?

  16. Great review , but can you recommend a cheap Android smartwatch that shows messages and message content ?

  17. Is this watch combatible with 3g network? Koodo

  18. cool video I have a oneplus one also so does this watch work well with it?

  19. thanx for th info. a digital clock was the selling point for me and a smart watch. guess I'll just keep looking. thank you again

  20. is it possible to download a different watch face, maybe a digital version?

  21. This watch isn't compatible with Android Lollipop is it?

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