DZ09 Standalone Smartwatch Review (Facebook And Camera)

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Home Watches DZ09 Standalone Smartwatch Review (Facebook And Camera)
Published on November 10, 2016

DZ09 Smartwatch For IOS & Android Is A Great Buy At The Low Price Of $16 On Test The Waters For A Low Price.

  1. Hmm… I wanna see how fb work on that small screen~

  2. I'm assuming that if you have music on an SD card and use bluetooth headphones, you can connect as long so your watch isn't connected to the phone. I'll try it out when I get mine Thursday. Can you try it? I'm considering a $5/mo line. I'm trying this out because I want the LG Urbane 2, but watches used to irritate me. This is perfect to test out.

  3. When I installed my SIM card it says it will only connect using T Mobile or AT & T.. Anyone else having this issue? I use Verizon and my SIM wont work..

  4. A great review for which I thank you. I've ordered a few as giveaways to the family. One question, I don't doubt any of your great work but are you positive that you cant listen to the music by connecting blue tooth headphones.?

  5. can u watch videos if u have some on the sd card

  6. Does it work with iPhone and get texts on watch thru bt?

  7. Can i talk through my phone even if it is connected to this smartwatch?

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