Eating over your laptop is nasty

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Published on December 23, 2016
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  1. many people eat on top of their boards, many clients of mine eat their sandwiches and crumbs fall over keyboard and then when computer breaks down they ask why ????

  2. Too many times I have logged out of my Chromebook holding down the power key that is right above the backspace key and feels the same as every other button.

  3. zand

    Hmm, so if I want ants, all I have to do is eat over my keyboard? Ant farm keyboard here I come.

  4. I spilled about 4 ounces of beer into my first IBM Thinkpad 11 years ago, and it was fine. I have only ever owned Thinkpads ever since.

  5. In my experience, the weirdest spills and similar incidents ALWAYS seem to happen to MacBook Pros. So far I've seen wine, ice cream, chocolate milk, water that somehow caused tons of motherboard mold, and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting.

    Is it because a lot of people with MacBooks are college students making bad decisions, or what? I don't get it.

  6. "You know why I don't do Lenovo Thinkpad repair videos?" "They don't break" Laughed my ass off… typed from my T460p.

  7. the magnet on the screwdriver for the small nails were really smart, good idea

  8. I've recently cleaned my keyboard after 5 years of use , there was some food crumbs there, but there was a whole centimeter of hair layer.

  9. When I eat, I have my keyboard flipped over and only use touch screen. (I know you can't do this on every laptop, but it helps getting the screen within reasonable distance)

  10. Fencey

    I use a desktop and my room is tiny so I can't really move my keyboard to a different spot.(Well I can, of course, but it won't be comfortable) So when I eat I just place a plastic bag over my keyboard and boom! No dirty keyboard.

  11. Louis, I owned a repair shop, and I popped open a Wii when I was dusted with flee eggs. After multiple exterminators and poisons, I got rid of the shop. I couldn't kill those mutant fuckers.

  12. Can i ask why u use gloves so many times?Even when not dealing with screen or optics/camera/lenses/delicate stuff? Isnt it harder to… well i find myself waaay more clumsy doing anything with gloves (of anytype) than without…

  13. I LOVE my TP T420 and its glorious keyboard drain holes. Top vid Louis!

  14. 3:53 No point in wearing gloves if you use them to touch other things, like your face. Had this problem with students in the lab all the time.

    The other trick they had was taking off their gloves by gripping the fingers and pulling (which requires touching the second glove fingers with an unprotected hand).We called this asterile technique (as opposed to the normal aseptic technique).

    It's a big problem in food shops as well – people make sandwiches with gloves on but use the gloves to touch everything, including dirty cloths (also used to wipe cutting boards!) or sit there inbetween customers with their hand resting on the bench in a pool of old food juices left there by resting their gloved hand in the same spot all day.

  15. Once i found fucking cockroaches inside a laptop i was repairing ….. god damn……..

  16. I never even sit close enough to my laptop to get anything on it if I were in fact eating

  17. A friend of mine once spilled his beer over my T41 and to my surprise, nothing happened! I had more than enough time to power down, so I wasn't really worrying about a short circuit. Then I took out the battery, turned the laptop on it's side and let it dry for a couple of hours. When I went back to take a quick look I found out the keys were all a bit sticky but still functioning! Finally I took out the keyboard and washed it with some detergent, after this the stickiness was completely gone. I also own a T60 and T430 that haven't had any issues so far. From my experience, ThinkPads are durable laptops!

  18. Magnet on the screwdriver, I like it

  19. Looked like he took a sip of moonshine

  20. I could see him roasting the shit outta someone

  21. I actually thought exactly what you did when Apple moved the power button from a separate button to the keyboard.

  22. Fuck Apple!!! my fuking ASUS N55SF has survived 2 cups of coca cola droped in top of it will working and 1 cup of coffe =D ASUS is like Titanium of PCs

  23. This is why my laptop is set ontop of my xbox one
    Lucky me it just fitsXD then when i go to eat i move my razer deathstalker ontop of my laptop then i eat

  24. Kinjii

    I've seen tiny roaches crawl out of a laptop I once fixed or someone. Turns out the roaches were using it as a home.

  25. Ritaku

    I eat at my computer, but I always make sure it's away from my peripherals, and my food is placed on a collapsible stand away from my desk where my computer and peripherals are kept.

  26. neil

    You might catch an STD/STI from some of these devices, LMAO!!!

  27. revelae

    You made it to Digg!

  28. I bet Apple integrated the power button with the keyboard because they knew how filthy their users would be. Sort of: TAKE THIS MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

  29. Sir Rossman—what kind of headphone Microphone do you use? P.S. Cool vid, I subbed.

  30. come here from digg, nothing so special. sad times he need to explain what is (should be )common sense.

  31. jboro2

    What screw driver were you using at the start?

  32. That power button can't be the only way to turn it on, because you just did, with the power cord. lol

  33. i hate fixing my parents laptops…. they eat drink over them. never clean them….

  34. I am definitely guilty of drinking over my computer, eating not so much it's just a pain to clean the computer otherwise XD

  35. Well… the worst i had was an Acer laptop which hold a fuckin colony of ant in there with multiple queen inside. So much fuckin ant inside that i heat up the laptop with a hair dryer in order to annoy those any so that they would come out.

  36. Awesome video and good info. Subbing.

  37. I absolutely hate it when people eat while playing with a game controller, I won't touch a greasy, dirty controller/keyboard/mouse

  38. ctuan13

    As someone who runs his own detailing business, I can absolutely agree that food is the worst. My worst customer cars are always the ones who basically eat every meal in the car and have never fully grasped the concept of throwing things out.

  39. wireless keyboards are so cheap people can afford to use them like a dinner plate,,, maybe there a market for a wireless keyboard with space for a plate of nibbles & cupholder in the middle, it seems an important feature in the auto industry, reviews often raise issues with the number & size of cupholders in cars … the world is sick …

    please be careful when working on computers that have lots of "adultery" files, there's more icky bio hazards than ants …

  40. * drinks water over liquid damaged computer*

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