EVGA’s first gaming laptop! 17″ 4K IPS Display – CES 2016

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Home Computers & Laptops EVGA’s first gaming laptop! 17″ 4K IPS Display – CES 2016
Published on January 14, 2016

I was a bit surprised to see a gaming laptop from EVGA – though I shouldn’t have been based on their MB and BIOS expertise. How did their first effort fare?

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  1. what's up,$yo? you're the greatext. fireman flimsy what do you think, guys1.. !!!

  2. Best Movie Laptop Ever! Traveling is going to be much more exciting with this puppy. Hotel TVs don't stand a chance against a 4K display.

  3. Excited about the EVGA laptop. I'm glad it's quiet but will it be warmer?

  4. Hey guys I need some help choosing a gaming laptop. My price range is up to 1400 bucks. What is a good new gaming laptop that can run a lot of heavy mods and has very smooth performance?

  5. did linus hit puberty finally??

  6. for me, the name speaks for itself – i always saw EVGA as a luxury brand 😀 they have good products, good warranty, just the feel of it is right

  7. I would be intrested in buying the G-sync version when it arrived…if it will

  8. how come only one 980m with a 4k screen??

  9. Alex B

    More competition is always better. ;)

  10. asrock doesnt have a notebook

  11. You can hear all their voices going.

  12. EVGA is late to the game and fame in the laptop world. I'm sure that they can make a share of it. but Asus, and (Sager branded laptops) fill the market let alone this market is a rather small one.

  13. There is never enough gaming laptops, but they better have G-Sync or Free Sync. Otherwise they don't matter in the slightest for me.

  14. This is the first gaming notebook, that doesn´t make you look like a douche when using it in public 😀
    I like it

  15. Just Type-C no ThunderBolt, 980M and not MXM 980, no 1080P option, no GSYNC. Looks nice and probably runs cool but all in all can't really see where this fits on the market, certainly not something to get excited about – just seems a bit ordinary and boring.

  16. looks sweet, would like to have full desktop 980 in there which would then support the gsync

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