FINOW Q1 Android 5.1 Smartwatch: Full Review

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Published on January 3, 2017

You don’t see this very often, perhaps once a year or so. In this video you witness the launch of a brand new ‘class’ of Android based standalone smart watch phones. FINOW has entered the Android 5.1 market with a new, classy, square smartwatch. It’s named the Q1 and you get to see the very first one off the assembly line.


NOTE: This video, as well as the previous Q1 videos, were produced with the original firmware version on the watch, not the newest update.

Featured watch in this video: FINOW Q1
This featured watch is available here:
Watch also Available here:
Company website:

  1. Hello, can we connect Bluetooth headset to listen to music if the songs are stored in watch's internal storage?

  2. Hellow Sir!! can i know how you did the alternative launche in this watch..and can you make an tutorial on this!! And sir How does the battery performs ?? How long does it last for you ??

  3. Hi. My Finow Q1 does not display the thumbnail icons like in this video. Did you use or installed a launcher/app ?. Appreciate your response.

  4. Best smartwatch reviews I've ever seen.

  5. is the screen gorilla glass or crack / scratch proof?
    is this water splash proof?

  6. Where is strap Watch store?

  7. Astro

    can I tether it to my phone since I won't use a sim card on it.

  8. I have a question, My watch can not use Facebook Messenger, it crashs everytime, did you get the same problem?
    Thank you very much, your videos are great!

  9. Will you also Please do a " Pebble 2" and "Pebble 2 Time" review?

  10. I want to use my smartwatch without a sim (got the watch last week) and tether it to my smartphone to receive notifications on the watch. How do I do this? Whenever I try to connect them with BT I get errors. Could someone please explain the process to me? I really appreciate it. :)

  11. hey ! could u tell me the name of these apps please ?

  12. Hi is there a way to improve the battery life.I get 10 to 12 hours only in one full charge . Can you provide some tricks

  13. Hello, i would like to ask you a question: if i download spotify can i pair Bluetooth headphones to listen to? sorry for my english, i'm italian. Thanks!

  14. I'm having trouble connecting the q1 to my Nexus 5x to be able to send and receive messages. any suggestions?

  15. GG DOOD

    Warning: if you are looking into getting one of these beware that they scratch extremely easy

  16. boa noite , tem como adicionar a tela do relógio com o personagem Mickey mouse ?

  17. hi dear friend. Can you help me about how can I rotate the screen on No. 1 D6 and finow Q1

  18. Is this watch water proof? And Is it safe if I wipe a wet cloth to it's screen when it is dirty?

  19. Autism

    Do you know how to make firmware reset on q1?

  20. can you please tell me,does the black color on the bezel of this watch peel off or crack for any kind of scratch?

  21. Can it install games like Geometry Dash? (in Play Store)

  22. Hi. I just received the Q1. Great watch. But no HR monitor? I have seen reviews where it was actually shown. Did I miss anything?

  23. hi,

    is it possible on this watch to connect it to a phone and use for example whatsapp, spotify, Facebook etc on it? of do you really need to put a sim card in it

  24. Awsome videos guy!!! Easy best on the tube.!! What are the name of the apps?

  25. Awsome videos guy!!! Easy best on the tube.!! What are the name of the apps?

  26. Can u put up a list of the apps u using?

  27. Your review was so much better than the other ones on YouTube, you showed us every single "swipe" movement that the watch has, everyone else couldn't figure them out!

  28. I am considering getting a Finow Q1 to use together with my Nexus 5X. One of the main functions I would like to do is use a navigation app such as Google Maps or possibly Waze. My understanding is that these watches come with a slot for a SIM card. If I don't put a SIM card in the smartwatch can I still use Google Maps outside without Wifi if the smartwatch is paired to the smartphone?

  29. Here is a relatively complete list of recommended Apps for Android watches:

    1. Core Apps:
    Display Brightness –
    Volume Control –
    Screen On Off Lock –
    Settings Search –
    Google Gesture Search –
    App Backup and Restore –
    App Cache Cleaner –
    APUS Browser –
    File Manager (Gira Mobile) –
    Open Mic+ for Google Now –
    Screen Filter –
    Speech to Clipboard –
    Super Mute –
    Tiny Apps –

    2. Keyboards:
    Google Keyboard –
    Flit Keyboard –
    MessageEase Keyboard –
    Touchpal Keyboard –

    3. Tethering Assistance:
    Heads-Up Notifications –
    M2D Sender (Receiver app on Phone) –
    Tablet Talk –

    4. Specialized Apps:
    @Voice Aloud Reader –
    AlpineQuest GPS Hiking-
    Balto Speed Reading –
    Breathing Zone –
    Cronosurf Wave Pro –
    Easy Voice Recorder –
    Google Keep –
    Squarespace Note –
    Talking Clock –
    Tippy Tipper –
    Just LED Display –
    Visualisator 5000 Free –
    Open Camera (for watches with cameras) –

    5. Media Apps:
    Flipboard –
    Haystack –
    Inshorts –
    Pocket –
    Stitcher Radio –
    TuneIn Radio –

    6. Advanced Apps:
    Floating Toucher –
    Swipe Home Button –
    Floating Launcher3 –
    Mobizen Mirroring –
    Nova Launcher –

    7. Testing Apps:
    Engineering Mode MTK Shortcut –
    AnTuTu Benchmark –
    AntuTu 3D Bench – –

  30. anyone help me,,,how can i buy it from india,,,any link please

  31. My wife ordered me one for Christmas… would you rate this watch against top name brands like Samsung and the Apple watch?

  32. the circuit board is for regulating the battery

  33. Thank you so much for review. Got mine. Super happy. It looks so much better in reality and it feels really nice. Very comfortable to wear

  34. Hi if you don't mind, what's the name if the app you swipe from the brc of the screen… Like a pie style . Thank you

  35. Here's an interesting and valuable post from the XDA Developer's Forum worthy of reposting here:

    ririo has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled – [NEW] FINOW Q1 Smartwatch [Android 5.1] [MTK6580] [1G+8GB] – in the Other SmartWatches forum of xda-developers.

    This thread is located at:

    Here is the message that has just been posted:
    I felt it is appropriate to share this set of informations related to FINOW Q1 wich are all available on this thread but scaterred in many places. I had quite a hard time to figure out what was what and what was meant by " the latest firmware" and how to flash or update it?

    This is why I think it might help some of you to sort things out.

    1. Latest set of informations about available Firmware, Software and tools for FINOW Q1

    1.1 KNOWN Firmware releases

    After looking at all the post on the thread I did find that not less than seven firmware releases were mentioned (maybe I have missed some).

    160531 post # 182
    160616 post # 317
    160620 post # 338 according to Cyrux this is the base line to flash his TWRP. Read his warning when flashing the TRWP.
    160627 post # 398 mentioned only once on the Forum
    160630 post # 467 with a download link to the actual firmware
    160721 Post # 620 ( the one I got with my new watch in October)
    161020 Post # 623 from Chillfox with a download link to the actual firmware .

    1.2 KNOWN OTA with download link

    161020 Post #578 This update was not received by everyone, It is reported not to work on 1603630 (and probably not on previous versions (I am still checking that point).

    It didn’t work for me either starting from 160721 (maybe it was because I have an unrooted device and didn’t start over flashing a stock firmware).

    Was reported to show some improvements see post #


    Nothing whatsoever is posted on Finow Site.

    When you buy such a brand you don’t expect great service. When you see what you get from some of the major you shouldn’t be surprised by minor league players who don’t have skills and resource to maintain so many devices who often have a life cycle of six to nine months.

    Basically what I have seen so far is that they have changed firmware six time in five month without documenting the changes nor providing much update.

    One never know but probably firmware 161020 might be the last one released by FINOW for this device.

    3. LIST of available software and tools for FINOW Q1

    3.1 Firmware 160630 Post #467 by td75 dated 20/AUG/16…ew?usp=sharing (…ew?usp=sharing)

    3.2 SP flash tools

    ( HOW to )

    TWRP 3.0.2 for Q1 Post by Cyrux 75 #338 july 19th 2016

    Summary of his post

    “ First TWRP 3.0.2 recovery port for Finow Q1 (W602 board) with multi-language support.
    Q1 must have firmware v160620
    SP Flash tool must be a newer version, I use the v5.1620……….
    ………” – [Click for QR Code] (16.70 MB, 304


    4. Latest FINOW Q1 Firmware Post by chillfox #623 Nov 9th 2016

    Here is the newest firmware

    I have tested and flashed this firmware using the latest SP Flash tool mentioned above. (see 3.2).

    No Problem everything went smoothly

    After Flash I had no problem to root the Finow Q1 using the post #320 by stickypinkyfinger.

    I have not noticed any of the problems mentioned on the forum by those who did update to 161020 using the OTA.

  36. This smartwatch is great and your chanel too.But I have only 2GB disk space when i open it like a flash card ,and 1gb already using by deafault…There is the other 6gb?))How many free GB do you have ???

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