FINOW X1 HOT NEW Smartwatch: Full Review

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Published on June 10, 2016

Here’s (almost) everything you’ll need to know about this new FINOW X1 smart watch phone to get you started. You’ll go through each of the menus and into each of the installed apps. As a bonus, you will get a peek at a huge number of additional apps you may want to install to make this device extremely functional.

Featured watch in this video: FINOW X1
Watch Available here:
Watch also Available here:
Company website:
NOTE: It is recommended you order directly from the company as they appear to be very responsive to customer support. Going through a third party reseller could delay things if you have problems.

  1. Does it work with iOS does I have downloadable apps and games?

  2. So this was created a little while ago, is there any apps in the Play Store that will sync the Health Information from the watch to Android phones?

  3. PM RR

    My weather works on the D5 and should work here. Just have to set it up and connect to wifi

  4. Can you review new product is Finow X5 from gearbest?

  5. Great videos and always really helpful. I read on XDA you were getting a FINOW X5 soon. If that's right can you do a review? Looking to get one soon but would be great to have your insight on it

  6. can you do a video about how to make smart watch faces or how to install like on the computer

  7. Smartwatch ticks do you know where to get a zgpax s8 8gb (not amazon) i find the d5 and x1's memory too small

  8. can you use apps like MapMyfitness on this watch

  9. I would just like to state on the weather app, I am also in the USA and it does sync fine you have to be connected to WiFi to get it to update. It is not however live updating meaning you have to refresh the weather for up to date info and the readings are in Celsius . The other big issue I have found with the D5 and counter parts is the English language option there is two choices US and UK however both language options  use metric for there scale. This is why you see Celsius and kilometers as the measurement when in fact US should be in the imperial scale. This is a huge disappointment in this watch having to download third party apps as a work around and not having a built in timer or stopwatch. I do love the alarm and being able to set multiple I wish on that note the built in calendar would allow for input its just a basic date calendar there's  another app download. A lot of missing tools for android but being able to download what I need is  a plus. You can also change the Position of the built in widgets  ie the pedometer music player etc, just press and hold on there main screen and you can switch them around its a neat feature I wish we could replace with non stock apps. Watch Faces are nice however they are very limited in there capabilities and selection available  really is only XDA developers website there's  no real app or website dedicated to a Android Watch vs the Android Wear with its improved interactive capability I think is going to be a better route to go. I hope the future will bring some great Android Watch (not android wear)specific apps. Thank S.W.T for all the videos, info and time with so many different options and choices when it comes to the world of Smartwatchs.

  10. ibez07

    wow, like watching the d5 review again,,literally identical

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