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Published on July 1, 2016

Custom watcface featured here created by Andrew Somers:
The graphic is that of actress Fan Bingbing, playing Empress Wu Zetian from the TV series The Empress of China.

Featured watch in this video: FINOW X5
Available here:
Available here:
Company website:

This has been the most ambitious video to produce yet. Beyond having to redo it three times, it still wasn’t exactly right. So, when it seems done, it’s not. Keep watching. I added a section. I cover pitfalls related to installing the amazingly powerful productivity apps presented here.

I’m labeling this a FINOW X5 clip because that’s the watch I use throughout the demonstration. Most, if not all of these apps should work just fine on the No.1 D5 or the FINOW X1 or X3. If I get a chance, I’ll do a quick clip showing them working on one of the smaller watches, but this video will stand as the overall explanation of these productivity enhancers for all round Android watches running compatible software (probably not the No.1 D3 for those who are sure to ask — will verify if I get my hands on one to test).

What’s powerful about this video is that these featured apps will all “float” on your screen over your watch face. That means two things: (1) you don’t need to touch your watch face and enter your regular, boring, non-alphetized scrolling list of huge icon apps, and (2) other than powering your watch on and off, you may never need to touch your side button(s) again (believe me, they can break from over use — or even moderate use).

One confusing point in the video is when I draw the letters D-E-V in Google Gesture. With each letter all matches appear, and lots of my personal info including contacts were in the list. I tried three times to do it in a way that wouldn’t reveal, but the letters are drawn over the results, and I just couldn’t mask them. Just know that you need to draw the letters to get the screen where you can follow to open the proper setting. Sorry about that.

One exciting inclusion is a few different ways that you can actually install Android app widgets (yes, widgets!) on — or should I say over — your watch. These are brilliant implementations of those widgets we’ve come to use on our phones.

Now, with that said, only a few widgets actually work on the watch. I don’t know why. That’s the way it is. I’ve discovered some, and I want to add more — lots more — to an evolving list, so I’m asking you for help. PLEASE try installing some of your favorite apps and test installing associated widgets, particularly in “Floating Launcher 3”. If they are installable and work on your watch, PLEASE let me know in the comments below and I will add them to an ever growing list of compatible app widgets which will appear here. Thanks! Worth noting, the maximum “Floating Launcher 3” screen size is 4w x 3h. Some widgets can be scaled up from the measurements provided here. Here’s the list so far. Check back often for new entries!

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  1. Hi,
    It is working with android wear in these watch?
    which is the very model of a clock face and which can be inserted watch do you think?

    IQI – I2
    Finow X5
    NO.1 D5
    King wear KW88
    IQI – M200
    NO.1 G3
    or whichever model you know.

    note: X5 time the button is why corrupt.


  2. I need a round Android smartwatch but with a camera…Do you know something like that?

  3. Hi SmartWatch Ticks, can you please tell me what is the best app for the X5 which allows better display of iPhone notifications e.g. SMS, Emails and other notifications. You have said the provided tethered notifications is not great. thanks!

  4. You, sir, produce excellent informational videos! Thank you. I wonder if you can help?… I am trying to find the tool "Assistive Touch (Round)" on the Play store – and cannot find it. Would you be so kind to steer me in the right direction. BTW – I just received my X5 on Thursday (May 26) and so far, am very happy with the purchase… based on reviews in your videos. Regards, Kevin

  5. Does the watch vibrate if yes how strong it it

  6. David

    In the UK there is availability of getting a finow x5. Would you recommend the Lemfo Lem1, no.1 d5 or moto 360 1st gen as the best competitor for the price?

  7. I just bought the D5, will I be disappointed? Is the X5 that much sharper?

  8. David

    Some guy on youtube named tansu kamisli is using your content.

  9. Hi. excellent video sir. I was wondering if this watch support the wraite gesture. meaning when i rise my hand it on. This is because in gearbest store they mentioned that it does not support the hand gesture. Thanks. If yes or no cn please do that in one of your future videos for othet people like me. Thanks

  10. hey man, i have a question do you know what are the difference between the Finow X5 and No. D5. i have been looking for a smartwatch i found those 2 but i dont know which one to get maybe you have any suggestions which one to get or maybe you know a better one. hope you can help me a little bit.

  11. When there are new reviews on the clock?

  12. DJzerk

    can you do a review on no1 g3 smartwatch??i dont know if it can install playstore,do custom rom etc..hope you read this..btw,i like your reviews,very specific

  13. You are right, the watch looks that good I think I can live with no tether. One of the forums suggested putting a cheep pre paid into the watch and call forward when I want to use the watch as a stand alone.

    Thanks again
    Can't wait for your next video.

  14. Thanks for the quick response . I will need to decide if I can live without the tether functionality. Sometimes it's just not functional to be talking to you wrist in a crowd or conference room.
    Thanks again for your response.

  15. Hi,Will the X5 still slave to lets say an Iphone and receive calls, sms, notifications and contacts much the same as an apple watch or will the watch need its own sim to get this type of functionality. I have been thinking about getting an X5. By the way great channel with exceptional content.

  16. Great channel!!! thank you so much for your videos! Have you tried installing Nova Launcher on it or on the No.1
    D5? Is it possible?

  17. Greetings from Russia!Thanks a lot for all your work.I'm waiting for a parcel with watch X5.What kind of apps do you think I should download?Best regards,Aleksey.

  18. Is there a useful program to create and use a direct call (e.g. icon1 for wife, icon2 for daughter. and so on). I would like to use direct call without using dialerl

  19. Hi,
    One last question 🙂 …
    What is the difference , or is there a list, of the specs for all the Finow watches ?
    I have seen this list of Finow watches on Ali Express:

    Is there a Finow web page ?


  20. Turns out Assistive Touch Round is a huge battery drain on the X5. I couldn't even get through an entire day at work before having to put it back on charge. I switched to Floating Toucher by Digital Life International to test out. Looks better and has more options. Also has way too many ads on the free version. We'll see what happens.

    Edit: 05/12/16 – After a few days of further testing, found out most of the battery drain was Assistive Touch Round, not Floating Launcher 3. I've edited the first sentence to reflect that. However, I don't require Floating Launcher 3 while using Floating Toucher after paying for the premium version.

  21. Hi, a friend of mine want to know if is possible to send and respond normal messages, and if is possible to use the skype in the D5, K9, K18, X3 or X5 smartwatch, it is possible to use Skype in one of this watches?

  22. May I suggest you one idea for your next video ? I'm thinking of the best apps that fits in this watch. For ex have a try with these games : rob-o-bot and war pinball ;). Apps like skype, whatsapp, periscope for ex are good too

  23. I was up very late watching most your videos learning stuff about smart watches you are helpful

  24. I don't know if it is just me experiencing this, but I cannot get floating Launcher 3 to work on the D5, it opens the app and stays on the first page.

  25. Thank you sooooo much for your kindness, patience and happiness

  26. Sinter

    its a shame that this video didn't much support for it is truly amasing.

  27. Can you sync this smartwatch with your mobile phone's sms, calls and the likes? I mean can you reply with it? Can you sync your music from your phone like use your watch to play pause etc, sorry im really curious

  28. Can't view your review of Moto 360 gen2….

  29. Someone is stealing your videos. Check for no. 1 d5 videos and order them for the upload date

  30. I still haven't received mine :(

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