Fitbit Blaze wants to be your fanciest fitness smartwatch

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Published on January 30, 2016

Fitbit’s new tracker is more like an Apple Watch than ever before, and its pop-out center can be swapped into new cases and leather or metal bands

  1. is it compatible for cycling?

  2. No Waterproof, no build in GPS, no music storage… Gonna wait for next gen.

  3. this thing screams first generation. it needed all kinds of refinements and features yet to be included. the menu navigation is not intuitive. the physical design looks very clunky (just like apple watch).

  4. Honestly, I'm still wearing a $15 misfit flash.

  5. Seems cool, but those bezzels are HUGE! And the watch over all seems a tad bit too big for my style. Maybe the next one :)

  6. Honestly, I'm changing my Apple Watch for this. I used a fitbit hr before and I feel that it works better for my workouts than my apple watch. I literally use the apple watch to tell the time and use it for my workouts and most people that I know that have the apple watch just use it for the same thing. The fitbit app is much better than the apple health app.

  7. Is fitbit trying to fill the gap between smartwatches and activity bands? I am wearing a Charge HR but I would not consider wearing a Blaze or a smartwatch for any competitive sports or gym. Is Blaze a flash version of an activity tracker or a cheap version of a smart watch? In my options, Charge HR is a great product. Fitbit should focus more on sports and fitness and come up with something that differentiates itself from a smart watch.

  8. I can't believe it. 2 months after getting the Surge this comes out… sigh

  9. They just screwed their momentum from focused product lines to this mess of a thing. It will be years before they recover, if at all.

  10. Think i'll stick with my Fitbit HR.

  11. Skip Aj

    Fitbit never impresses me.

  12. Bravo, Fitbit! Finally something elegant

  13. I preferred Apple watch where user can do more on the watch.

  14. or buy lg urbane instead of this lol

  15. Apple is paying Cnet per mention.

  16. sm753

    Most of the comments below completely miss the mark. What'll eventually make or break this device is its sensor accuracy (steps and heart rate) and battery life. The extra stuff like notifications is just icing on the cake. Fitbit is slowly getting there, hopefully eventually they'll finally get it right by merging a smartwatch with a fitness tracker.

    Yes smartwatches that track fitness already exist, but from my experience most of them do an inferior job at tracking steps and heart rate, etc compared to a pure fitness tracker. And vice versa, fitness trackers do an inferior job with notifications, music, etc compared to smartwatches. If Fitbit can marry the 2 and get it right, they'll be able to corner the market…which I guess they already do as far as wearable tech is concerned.

  17. Knives

    Smartwatches are silly

  18. smartwatches are just dumb tech…. u can see ur text on ur watch, wtf are you to lazy to take out ur phone to use it….

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