Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch: Full Review!

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Published on February 1, 2016

Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch: Full Review!

As promised in my unboxing, here is my full review of Fossil’s first smartwatch. If you have any questions, leave them below and I will answer all of them. Enjoy! Music used: Beat the Competition – Youtube Music Library

  1. Thanks for the wonderful review. On the Fossil website there are various variants in terms of price any idea whats the difference??? Does it support Gmaps?

  2. can you do a review of the huawei smartwatch?

  3. Can you handle calls from the watch. How do u do the same?

  4. добрый день 🙂 увидел русские книги на полке, и решил написать так.
    Часы вибрируют при входящих звонках? Если да, насколько заметна/приятна вибрация?

  5. Great review! I just got my watch, and you summed it up perfectly.

  6. I got the watch and its awesome. Question, as you know I chose this watch because it accepts the Strava app. After a 3 hr ride while strava is running and only during that time then afterwards just running regularly with no app the battery life is at 5%. The total time frame off the charger was from 8:30 am to 5pm. Not sure if the charge time should be longer, does the app cause the watch to use more energy?

  7. Can it work with iPod 5th generation it has iOS 9 and up

  8. this was a very well made review man keep up the good work!!!

  9. Can the Strava app work with this watch?

  10. I wish there was a smartwatch that has everything on it, now it is like, some of the watches has this, but not that, others have that, but not this

  11. Tasha B

    oh OK yes it did connect to android wear. I was thinking you could maybe download more apps or control what syncs from your phone but if it's basically the same then that's OK

  12. Tasha B

    can't find the watch

  13. Tasha B

    we did that and it keeps saying it can find the watch to connect

  14. Tasha B

    If you are connected with an iPhone 6s are you able to use the Fossil Q app or just the Android Wear app??

  15. Good review man, could you do one with iOS

  16. Great review.
    Do you think we can use any wireless charger with it?

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