Game of Thrones Ending. “ Jon Snow fights the Night King “

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Home Games Game of Thrones Ending. “ Jon Snow fights the Night King “
Published on December 14, 2016

Fan fiction/ less Prediction video concerning Game of Thrones ending and the prior events that constrained this ending.

Hope you will enjoy, this video has a lot of new content – especially on the second half and it is the first video when I actually kill my character, the Night King:) Ouch

Audio:Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

  1. are you just guessing what happens or have there been leaks? good vid either way

  2. Has anyone thought about the possibility of Tyrion being a Targeryen particularly since in one episode the dragons did not kill him when he freed them. That just my suspicion could be wrong.

  3. hey there! like i said before i love all your ideias so far…. ! love specially that in your version there are no true villans, just people and … gods!
    i've been following the story throw the wolves and trying to guess the next move… so far, the Wolf of rob and rickon died, and they died too… the Wolf of Bran and sansa die too 🙁 ghost and nymeria are still alive 🙂
    in your version ghost will die too and Jon dies as a stark, only to became a pure targaryen :))
    arya "lost" nymeria and for a long time she has hidden her true identity and even wants to be no one! only when she finds herself she will be able to find nymeria! with dragon glass on her teeth!!
    here is my theory: the only way bran stays alive is if his Wolf is too. and the only way his Wolf stays alive is if he has dragon glass on his teeth too, so he could bite the white walkers and escape the others last time we saw him… and after he escapes, he has lost Bran from sight. unable to find Bran (dunno why) he runs over nymeria, being the father of her "puppies". makes sense??

  4. Dana

    Interesting story. I like that you got Jorah in there a the end but the only thing I am doubtful about is having Jon collapse in a heap and basically do nothing at the very end.

  5. lol that was a great story line!.

  6. and how did all these white walkers get so far north and decide to turn around must have missed that part

  7. highly doubt that white walkers we allied with anyone but themselves

  8. I thought it really happened like that. Until I read the comments. U have a good imagination. I hope it happens like this

  9. just one problem….Jon only likes redheads, and that is his aunt!

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