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Published on November 2, 2016

Yay! We’re back with some Game of Thrones! Love this show and having so much fun with family! We appreciate all the respect and positivity towards our channel, so we thank you for that! Anticipating comments for future events are always fun, but please no detailed spoilers (names and events especially)… I’m amazed Mom and SIs haven’t been spoiled by anything yet besides the Red Wedding (again, they knew nothing of what happened beforehand… but they read earlier comments that there was a horrible event called ‘The Red Wedding’ at the end of Season 3. Doh! Still very shocked.. they thought it may have to do with Jeoffrey’s wedding!
Anywho, thanks also for being respectful about my decision with my Mom… it wasn’t a last minute decision… I gave it a ton of thought and wanted to please you all and keep my Mom in good health, so I have no doubt that I did the right thing. I never mean to upset anyone and as most of you know, family comes first (XOXO). As much as we wanted to see Mom react to the beginning of ‘The Red Wedding’… I’m very certain that if she did, she would’ve walked out and refused to watch the rest, which would’ve been a whole lot worse in my opinion… yes, that’ll be a debate forever as what was worse… the aftermath was so horrible.. but the initial raw aggression towards mother and baby would of scarred Mom greatly.
Thanks for understanding and see you soon!

  1. the wolf head on his body is probaly the hardest part for me..

  2. Wolfhead on body was a final blow. And then Arya had her first Killgasm. I love her, but let's be honest, she is damaged beyond belief.

  3. I never realized the foreshadowing in Bran's story around the fire…….

  4. I wouldn't apologize to the people giving you a hard time about protecting your mom. Fuck those people. As if there isn't 10 thousand Red Wedding reactions out there. They can go watch those, if they wanna see people have total meltdowns. Can't wait for your mom and sis to get to season 4. Such an exciting season.

  5. Great! I already can not wait for the reaction of the season 4 …

  6. I love you so much guys!!! can't wait for you to start season 4, I love your mom!

  7. Your mom is so amazing for watching this show my own mother finds this show too much lol.

  8. You Guys are gonna like Season 4

  9. That was the #1 Tywin like a boss moment.

  10. Chris M

    I've always felt that the Rains of Castamere episode was the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. For me, I felt that Season 4, 5 and 6 have been even stronger. This may have something to do with the fact that the focus on the various noble houses has shrunk considerably (with the Red Wedding and previous events in the third season as well as a few moments early in the fourth season). Consequently, the focus turns to the others in the show and the result is a bit more of an intimate revelation of what they are feeling and thinking.

    BTW, I am glad that you protected your mom. I first saw part of Schindler's List while standing in a line inside of a snowcone shop when I was a kid. The scenes haunted me for a very long time. Some things cannot be unseen. You know your mom and sis better than the rest of us and you're privy to what they might or might not be able to handle. I sure wish that someone had protected my eyes from Schindler's List (as great of a film that it was) when I was a child.

  11. Miskoff

    OMG I like to watch you guys react but every time I hear you talk about milk of the poppy as if its alcohol I cant help but cringe a bit inside.
    I know I sound like an ass but here's the thing: milk of the poppy is used in the show and the books as a strong painkiller referencing the fact that in real world poppies can be used to make opium with looks like a white sap-like substance – ergo the milk of the poppy.
    Opium can be refined into morphine and then into heroin.
    So every time you guys say "we had some milk of the poppy" all what I hear is "We just shoot up some heroine".
    Sorry, don't mean to be an asshole but I feel I had to point that out.

  12. MattH

    That's one of my favourite episodes of GoT. Arya and the Hound's season 4 journey is is one of the standout arcs of the show.

  13. Loving these videos! Keep up the good work.

  14. Man, I really can't handle a granny going through this stuff! XD

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