Game of Thrones FAMILY REACT S3 Ep10.2 FINALE

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Published on November 3, 2016

Almost there! My family cracks me up so much… video editing shows me everything I missed them doing while watching (which I do on purpose so they aren’t distracted or freak out). LOL! So happy we are doing this together! The Red Wedding was so devestating, especially for us as Stark supporters! Glad they are hooked to the show now! I was so worried for so long that they would call it quits, especially Mom after the horrible wedding slaughter….
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  1. A very informative season that laid foundations of storylines still being resolved.

  2. Poor Theon…at this point you gotta feel bad for poor Theon

  3. MattH

    Your sister already seems to be enjoying the interaction between the Hound and Arya.

  4. You girls are a fantastic trio! You 're the cute and very kind mentor, revealing to the others the wanders of westeros. Your mother is a more serious but also cheerful type of lady Olenna and your sister is really funny and sweet both when she laughs and when she runs behind the couch! Keep it up!

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