Game of Thrones Final Ending Scene How it Ends

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Published on November 4, 2016

We have seen 6 great ending scenes for Game of Thrones. But,what will be the ending scene for Game of Thrones when its all said and done.Game of Thrones 6×10 “Ending Scene” Season 6 Episode 10 ending Scene GoT S06E10 Season Finale Season 6 Final Episode.

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  1. long time fan here Teflon. Hey, I saw in your death prediction video you were all like "Fuck Dorne. Fuck Dorne. Fuck Dorne." I was cracking up! was that just because you got some wrong or do you really hate them?

  2. Westerosi feudalism is banished.
    Danny goes back East to rebuild Valyria.
    Jonn rides North taking the White Walkers with him.
    Tyrion retires to a vineyard.
    Sam chronicles the entire story in several books.

  3. FWIW, I read that Daniel Portman was wearing a cooling vest to wear under armor.

  4. Yea that shirt is dope. Great vid as always don

  5. Another great video Tony. Whats your opinion on the Maesters? do you think in the books they are part of a grand conspiracy?

  6. But dorne is mexican tho and bravos is Spanish. I feel like its like the real world where in Europe its light skinned people and in the south is more darker people. Probably where salazar san if from is black people there

  7. Great stuff. I can definitely see Sansa being jealous of Jon.

  8. love the videos homies i listen while i work and when i smoke hella dope

  9. Quentyn was not eaten by any dragon…

  10. lol "how cant we get that!?" i absolutely agree. we deserve something good after waiting all this time between books.

    just following the logic of eurons dragon dying and becoming a wight dragon, do you still believe he will use dragon binder? also who do you think kills euron and how?

  11. Re people of colour, medieval Europe was much more multi ethic and cultural than most people realise. I respect GRRM hugely but he can't use real world history as an excuse as to why there aren't prominent/important people of colour in his story. He should just be honest and say his fictional Westeros and the even the western part of Essos is majority white and that's what he is writing about in his books.

  12. Agree on leaks. I followed all the leaks last year and it spoiled alot of the surprises for me. I've been trying to go spoiler free. not sure if I can hold out until next summer.

  13. I'm guessing that at some point various kings of westeros will be called before Dey to answer to her and beg her support, bend the knee, what have you. I'm guessing that Tyrion won't support Jon all that much, being a bastard and thought to be the son of the man who helped to overthrow the Mad King so Dey will give Jon hell and he'll be in danger of losing his position as king of the north but Howland Reed will then step forward in a last minute save to say who Jon really is. Sam may have some written information that may help back that up though I seriously doubt he'll have something that says it out-and-out. I'm guessing the dragon pit we saw from shots of s7 filming locations may be the location where Dey calls kings to meet her – on a very intimidating playing field… a lot of s7 will be Dey taking King's landing then the various kings being forced to accept or reject her and vying for position….which, of course, Dey will mix-it-up for them well being she intends to 'break the wheel'. (mere fan speculation)

  14. Dope shirt brother. Where can I get one?

  15. Is Jon aware of baelish's involvement in Neds death? i know in the books he knows about janos slint but i feel like the show will ignore it

  16. NYDA

    I love how once a character has completed their arch Tony just wants them to die lol can anyone just live? lol

  17. NYDA

    I can't wait for Sansa to marry Littlefinger then kill him during their bedding ceremony!

  18. I'm still rooting for Sansa. I don't think her storyline will be what everyone thinks it will be.

  19. What if the Night King Is Rhaegan & that was why he looked at Jon the way he did

  20. Hey so… watchers on the wall…. ice dragon…. make a goddamn video, Love you.

  21. Brett H

    i like the format better now. No long loud music to start, and the materials been pretty good.

  22. the vision ol girl had, showed snow on the throne.
    but at the same time, it was winter in kings landing

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