Game of Thrones News: Rhaegar, Filming, Casting, & Returning Characters

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Published on December 2, 2016

Let’s talk about Game of Thrones news for the past week!


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  1. Not going to happen….but Littlefinger

  2. I really want to see Jaime choke the life out of Cersei….. slowly…. ever so slowly. Die with pain, beeyotch!!! With my luck, they'll give that task to Arya, probably. Oh well… as long as Cersei dies. Don't get me wrong; I love Lena Heady's performance, but I'm just so over Cersei. She needs to go.

  3. I still think Brans going to be the reason the White Walkers break through the wall. Remember how they got in the cave due to him being touched on the shoulder by the Nights King making the children of the forests magic redundant! Benjin mentioned the wall is protected by magic which I think was a bit of foreshadowing

  4. They should get Orlando bloom to play raeghar

  5. Hey there, this might not be up your alley, but can you do a review on the movie "Drive", it'd be nice to hear your thoughts on it.

  6. I can't wait for Cersei to die next season. I know I'll get hate for this but since the valnquor prophecy wasn't said in the show I theorize once Daenerys invades she'll kill herself. Giving no one the satisfaction of killing her. Making her a bitch to the end.

  7. AnasKA


  8. ❤ вау !! Приятное для детей видео …….. Приходите к нам, и вы увидите у нас там море сладкого видео

  9. cersi has to die and it would be great to see jamie do it .

  10. I have a bird skeleton in my living room all year round. Does that make me weird?

  11. Would love to see Petyr Baelish skydiving on that moon door.

  12. I would like to see Little Finger die. Just my opinion

  13. Euron Greyjoy is going to die a cold death. Rawrist, why you so sexy

  14. I wanna see Cersie get killed by Jaime (little brother) like the profoecy states.

  15. Cursi and Jamie they came into the world together and they will leave together¡

  16. no, it's a complicated ambush

  17. Imagine Dany giving Rhaegal for Jon to ride because he’s named after Rhaegar

  18. Oh littlefinger, so overzealous, ambitious and unrequited. He's always losing it wouldnt suprise me if he lost his life in season 7.

  19. Kevin B

    TBH I hope HBO doesn't do a Game of Thrones prequel. I actually hope they're the network to pick up the Wheel of Time as was being reported a couple of months back. I think HBO is probably the only network to do it justice.

  20. When you find out Jon Snows in the new C.O.D.

  21. I want to see Lyanna Mormont die in the most horrific, brutal and possibly even illegal to show on TV possible before rising as a wight and killing a major character…

  22. I got chills when she put that Daenerys vs Cersei poster up!!

  23. I'd like to see Sanaa go the way of Drogo. Because why not.

  24. Cersei plz. I can not wait to see her death. I'm sure it will be a spectacular & glorious event :D

  25. Some of the seasons they are filming could already be for season 8 I think it's past time to off the sand snakes!

  26. Who do I want to see die in season 7? Euron, who will die of suffocation with his head up Cercei's butt, who subsequently dies of acute constipation.

  27. make a prequel about 10000 years about when targarens conquer westros…how magic came to be… the children of the forest first fought man and created white walkers!!!!!!

  28. I want to see Cercei die during the battle against Danaerys

  29. LITTLE finger must die, but then, who will control that little goof sweet Robin? please speculate!

  30. do you think tyrions gonna hit by a hammer or get knocked out by a shield before the battle ?

  31. Spoiler Alert: He could be Aegon, the supposedly dead son of Rhaegar and Elia…

  32. I would lose it if Tyrion died

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