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Published on November 17, 2016

Game of Thrones Q&A of Season 2 with Marco and Ali


Q1 at 1:27 (Dragons and magic)
Q2 at 4:24 (Robb any Chance of winning?)
Q3 at 6:31 (Single? And who would be ur Lady?)
Q4 at 8:20 (5 characters you trust)
Q5 at 11:51 (Who i want dead out of 3)
Q6 at 14:16 (3 characters who should die)
Q7 at 20:01 (Music!)
Q8.1 at 23:32 (Whats so great about this show?)
Q8.2 at 26:36 (Predictions, Chars meet!, Deaths?!, most important)
Q9 at 38:39 (3 predictions about 3 main chars; Jaqen; 3 most hated and favorite; SONG FOR YOU!; Games?)
Q10 at 55:21 (Predictions?)
Q11 at 55:51 (Prediction Bran and Rickon)
Q12 at 58:19 (Best Season yet?)
Q13 at 1:03:00 (How capture Jaqen?)
Q14 at 1:08:45 (Biggest concern, biggest wish?)
Q15 at 1:09:48 (Trailer reactions?)
Q16 at 1:11:14 (Would we go to theater for that?)
Q17 at 1:13:11 (About Honor in this universe)
Q18 at 1:20:14 (About our friendship)
Q19 at 1:21:46 (Rank the two seasons among other TV shows)
Q20 at 1:23:10 (Did i expect this attachment? Expectations fullfilled?
Q21 at 1:25:26 (About copyright)
Q22 at 1:28:43 (About Stannis and Tyrions situation)
Q23 at 1:32:28 (Equal connection in any other tv show or movie?)
Q24 at 1:33:37 (Stannis on the iron throne?)
Q25 at 1:33:53 (Sam as a Wight? Who eats whom in the empty vault?)
Q26 at 1:35:06 (About dragonglass and facechanging)
Q27 at 1:37:02 (Feelings about Littlefingers changed?)
Q28 at 1:38:07 (About the house of the undying)
Q29 at 1:39:18 (What is funnier?)
Q30 at 1:39:53 (Name your direwolf; Which Kingdom you wanna lead?)
Q31 at 1:41:50 (About Stannis and Melisandre)
Q32 at 1:42:47 (What do i think about Stannis?)
Q33 at 1:45:00 (Biggest unanswered question?; Jaime in Season 2?)
Q34 at 1:47:58 (Ambitions of Varis and Littlefinger?)
Q35 at 1:49:33 (Who is worse: Littlefinger or Joffrey?)
Q36 at 1:50:42 (About Shae and her actress!)
Q37 at 1:52:05 (About Stannis and Melisandre)
Q38 at 1:54:49 (Favorite beer!)
Q39 at 1:55:38 (Margaery and Joffrey, Jon and the wildlings, About Robb and Talisa)
Q40 at 1:58:38 (Thoughts about the White Walkers!)
Q41 at 1:59:37 (Three names for Jaqen and three who should survive)
Q42 at 2:01:04 (Thoughts about Cersei wanted to kill herself on the throne in Blackwater!)
Q43 at 2:02:32 (Opinion about Blackwater; Next season battles better?; About Stannis and Melisandre; Death of Renly; About the way Stannis was killed; Tyrion in Season 2) (Who edits and which program; Thumbnails; What do you do for living?; How old are you? From where in Germany you are?)
Q44 at 2:10:35 (Lannister words!)
Q45 at 2:11:20 (About Stannis; Episode just takes place in one place)
Q46 at 2:12:48 (Which character changed the most?)
Q47 at 2:14:11 (Favorite character in S2 and who will be a big role in S3?)
Q48 at 2:15::47 (Will i read the books? How are the books in comparison to the show?)
Q49 at 2:17:20 (How should the war work out and which alliances i wish?)
Q50 at 2:18:29 (Expectations for the channel?)
Q51 at 2:21:08 (If i could just follow one storyline, who would it be?)
Q52 at 2:22:59 (Which two people should meet?)
Q53 at 2:24:25 (Three names, who should die?)
Q54 at 2:25:09 (One family survives, which one should it be?)
Q55 at 2:26:16 (Backers of Star Citizen?)
Q56 at 2:27:28 (Got spoiled of thumbnails?)
Q57 at 2:28:39 (Why the name”MareckProductions”?)
Q58 at 2:29:33 (Who is the MAIN character?)
Q59 at 2:31:06 (How many subscribers at Season 6 end?)
Q60 at 2:32:59 (BANG MARRY KILL)
Q61 at 2:35:54 (About the war!)
Q62 at 2:37:26 (Umbridge vs Joffrey)
Q63 at 2:41:10 (Family words and how its represented)
Q64 at 2:44:03 (Dragons and their impact? White Walkers?)
Q65 at 2:46:16 (How do you want to die in this world?)
Q66 at 2:46:48 (FUCK MARRY KILL)
Q67 at 2:47:05 (Who bring back to life and who kill?)
Q68 at 2:47:31 (About the soundtracks)
Q69 at 2:49:07 (Danaerys and the dragons or the throne?)
Q70 at 2:50:16 (Why did you start youtube?)
Q71 at 2:51:47 (How would you feel if the dragons died?)
Q72 at 2:52:45 (Who should interact with each other?)
Q73 at 2:53:02 (Favorite way to die?)
Q74 at 2:53:17 (Who changed your opinion about themself?)
Q75 at 2:53:41 (DATE MARRY SEX out of all)
Q76 at 2:54:58 (Top 5 favorite characters?)
Q77 at 2:56:59 (Lot of questions, cant name here else too long)
Q78 at 3:11:18 (About Tywin and Arya scenes)
Q79 at 3:12:07 (Who would be the point of view characters?)
Q80 at 3:13:26 (Which story you prefer?)
Q81 at 3:15:14 (Ali ever rewatched?; Favorite character?; Who will be on the throne?; Who deservers the throne?)
Q82 at 3:16:34 (Why Dany loves and Melisandre hated?)
Q83 at 3:18:27 (About one storyline episodes; Did you want Stannis to take Kings Landing?; Blame Theon?; White Walkers threat?; About Jaqen)
Q84 at 3:22:03 (Best Commander out of 3?; Best 5 actors?; Hottest GUY?; BANG MARRY KILL HILARIOUS! :D)
Q85 at 3:30:36 (Jamies future? Where in Germany you live?)

  1. Oh you read my question! Me and a friend from work went to the IMAX GoT show and it was sooooo good! Thanks for the answer and all your hard work getting these out! Peace!

  2. Loved it loved it loved it! Great job guys, you're smart and hilarious. Can't wait for Episodes 304 & 309 :D

  3. You guys need a map. The Twins were not a shortcut, they were a way of getting at Jaime's army by surprise while Tywin was expecting to be attacked on the Kingsroad.
    The Freys have no geographical relevance anymore, only a numerical one because they have a significant little army of their own.

  4. eaddok

    Above 3h! Marco, Ali your dedication is truly amazing!

  5. One person you can absolutely trust isTywin as well as any true Lannister. His family's power is built on gold, which implies free choice and respect of deals since gold has no value outside of these two preconditions. Gold cannot be eaten or made into weapons, only free trade gives it true value. Tyrells can starve you into submission and Ironborn can make you "pay the iron price" but Lannisters depend on the existence of free trade and your free will to value their gold. This makes them the one family who truly supports freedom in the realm.  The Lannister's reputation even builts on "a Lannister pays his debts". These are people who make deals and stick to them.

    Robb cannot be trusted. He already broke his word to the Freys because he was "in love".
    Varys is a spy master. Can you trust a spy? I don't think so.
    Jon is an interesting question. He is now trying tofool the  wildlings into believing he wants to be one of them but will he keep his vow or realise that they are actually the people worth defending after all? Is Jon to be trusted? I'm not completely sure.

  6. I just watch the First 30 Minutes and have to watch Rest the Rest at the Weekend because of no Real Internet here. Amazing q&a how u can be so Serious when Marco Said his predictions. I was Laughing so Hard. Not because the predictions are stupid. Just because i know that Robb just find an unfriendly Alliance with Frey and deanerys is chilling in the East until she is Old like mellisandre

  7. 3 kills to end the war: Robb Stark, Stannis Baratheon, Balon Greyjoy.
    They are those who started wars too. No war without them taking armies to the field of battle in the first place.

  8. 3 kills for personal gratification:
    1) that drunken boar of a king, done.
    2) that northern dog of a Stark, done.
    3) that savage monster of a Khal, done.
    I'm better at it than you, guys ;-)

  9. S3 predictions: "Tywin will find some way of killing Robb's army" – yep. Not only his army 😉
    Give the man a pen and he'll win a war…

  10. Interesting how people who just saw it for the first time prefer S2 to S1. I think Stefano from FILMBUFF said the same. I agree, yet S2 is  often one of the  least popular.
    When I first saw them, I felt each season was getting better than the previous one up to S4 (included). S5 was a notch less epic, still very strong but had serious writing problems at the end and in Dorne. S6 is better not spoken of at all.

  11. You guys ! Three hour and half, that huge, Thanks for answering all of our questions ! No offense but I'll watch it step by step ! I'm not sure I can watch it in one goes..But that's still amazing, You guys have really worked hard on that one so thank you so much…

  12. I'm a bit late but it's time for 3 and a half hours of enjoyment now!

  13. Holy mother of cheeseballs this is a long video. And there are really none of the questions I don't want to hear the answer to. Just have to watch it in parts.

  14. Marco doesn't wish Theon a quick death. How nice of him. He'll be happy with this  at least ;-)

  15. Marco has fully misunderstood Cersei. Power was never a thing she wanted, she only needs it to secure her status and occasionaly save her and her children's life.

  16. Axele

    Robb this, and Robb that, Robb will this, maybe Robb will meet blah or this person will meet Robb. God he's gonna be devastated.

  17. Wow, so long! You guys are the best, I mean it! You answered to so many questions, it was amazing!!!
    I watched the whole thing and I wasn't bored at any time. Can't wait for the next episode, but take a break if you have to after this Q&A-marathon. You poor dudes must be exhausted! I love your dedication to your fanbase though. And I live just north of Nuremberg and figured you two as maybe Western Germans, so this is a fun twist for me!

  18. Someone needs to tell Marco this show is about tits and dragons, not just dragons.

  19. It's not weird at all to like Stannis. He will always be my favourite.

  20. Marco wants to marry Daenerys but does he realise he'll be the one who walks the beasts every morning so  they can take a shit?

  21. Ihr Wahnsinnigen! Fast 4 Stunden unglaublich! 😀 Wo soll ich die Zeit finden das alles zu schauen ^^ Klasse Arbeit ihr beiden! Und danke das ihr meine Frage beantwortet habt. Hätte nicht gedacht das ihr Bayern seid^^

  22. No flies are  harmed in Game Of Thrones, that's in Westworld. More men will die, but it seems you're ok with that.

  23. Thanks for answering my questions guys :)

  24. Daenerys asked Doreah to "make Xaro happy" so she could learn his motives. This is what led to her betrayal. We do not know how things went but Xaro probably did not force her. She more likely wanted to become the Queen of Qarth with him.

  25. Vad3r

    Do not watch trailers. I watched all trailer for season 6 this year and they spoiled everything. Season 5 didn't do that, I think 4 has the best trailer. But whatever you guys do, don't watch season 6 trailers.

  26. Thanks for answering my questions! 😀 The dedication and work guys you put in your channel is just mind-blowing, keep up the great content and keep being awesome :)

  27. Guys, if you like Tywin so much you'll want to see Charles Dance in Century (1993):

    You might recognise someone else in a small role too.

  28. Ali, Marco….never stop doing what you do, the fact that you guys took over 3 hours to answer fan questions is absolutely amazing. We're not awesome, YOU GUYS are awesome.

    Also the reason Robb marries Talisa(her name is Jeyne Westerling in the books and she is the daughter of a lord under Tywin Lannister) is different in the show and books. In the show they have him marry Talisa because he loves her, but in the books Robb meets Jeyne as she is nursing him back to health after one of his battles and he has just gotten the news that Theon had "executed" Bran and Rickon so he lays with her. Robb then marries her out of spite because he feels it would be dishonorable not to since he deflowered her. Robb in the books is much more honorable than his Show counterpart.

    Also publicly Joffrey is the rightful ruler, most people don't even know Daenerys is alive and would probably associate her with madness like her father if they did, and Joffrey is a Baratheon, not a Lannister. Even though we all know he isn't a Baratheon doesn't mean the public knows or will do anything to usurp him.

  29. Don't forget Ned's relationship to Jon Snow when discussing honor. He lied for years because of a promise. Is that honorable?

  30. Marco, du denkst zu viel, lieber viel singen. Jetzt warte ich sehnsüchtig auf deine Studioaufnahme von " the Rain of Castamere". ;-)

  31. Holy crap, over 3 hours, you're crazy. In a good way :D

  32. I don't know if this has been said, there's just too many comments to look through!
    Marco seemed really intrigued that the book series is called A Song of Ice & Fire, so he may find it interesting to know the names of all the books, I don't believe the book titles give away any plot spoilers what so ever, and are very cryptic.
    Book 1 is " A Game of Thrones" ( The Show took out the "A" and is just "Game of Thrones")
    Book 2 " A Clash of Kings"
    Book 3 " A Storm of Swords"
    Book 4 " A Feast for Crows"
    Book 5 " A Dance With Dragons"

    Book 1 goes along with season 1 and are almost exactly identical
    Book 2 goes along with season 2 not as exact but pretty close
    Book 3 goes along with seasons 3 & 4
    Books 4 and 5 loosely go along with season 5 and season 6 the show was on its own for the first time!

  33. After you watched Season 3 you could probably play the Telltale Game Of Thrones Game. It will definitely produce some great reactions.

  34. Wow how cool that he picked up that Jaqen is Syrio theory.

  35. Hello, regarding Dany killing the girl along with Xaro Xhoan Daxos, you should watch this deleted scene which explains a lot:


  36. All Marco's plans for the future includes Robb, and Daenerys in Westeros… poor sweet summer child

  37. I finished it! survived 3 and a half hours haha now off to see the history and lore video
    ps: marco u sing really well and I am kinda picky

  38. Talisa is highborn and from the city of Volantis, I believe. She mentioned it in the story you guys referred to when a slave pushed her out of the way to save her brother.

  39. Thx that u accept that u just hate Baelish because u fear him because he is too sneaky and can manipulate everyone ;)

  40. yes littlefinger brings deaths everywhere..thats why he is the best…and we know if there werent littlefinger there wouldnt be the show

  41. i couldnt answer what season is best question because i would say season 2…that would be strange for Marco 😀 i just love kingslanding story with tyrion and varys

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