Game of Thrones REACTION Season 1 Episode 5 The Wolf and the Lion

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Published on February 2, 2017

Hey guys! We’re at the halfway mark of season 1! Thank you guys so much for hanging out with us!

  1. I swear for like a split second it looks like Ned thinks the flower is for him.

    If that dude hadn't stabbed Ned in the leg, he would have beat Jaime.
    Jaime was obviously surprised at Ned's skill, and Ned was clearly growing more confident in his chances as they clashed. Jaime may be reputed to be the best swordsman in Westeros, but even Barristan Selmy complimented Ned's ability in battle.

  2. Welcome back! It's a good sign when the episodes seem to go by so fast and you just want them to keep going. 🙂

    A little correction: Lyanna died quite late in the rebellion, rather than before it. Her kidnapping was the initial motivation for the rebellion, with the execution of Rickard and Brandon setting the war fully into motion.

    The speculation in the discussions is getting more and more interesting all the time. If it keeps up, well… I just hope you have a really good poker face prepared. So far, so good. 😉

    As for anyone who is complaining about the talking, just pay them no mind. Personally, I like the way you're doing things, and it's fun to watch.

  3. Great reaction as always, really enjoying you guys a lot. Out of curiosity, do you all have a Facebook or Twitter for your youtube channel?

  4. People seem to travel quickly in the show because a month can pass within a storyline in one episode alone, or between one episode to the other.

  5. awesome reaction, you girls are funny and clever, it's super entertaining! can't wait for more GOT content!

  6. cauWES

    Hey love your reactions so far! Keep them up. About Roberts rebellion. Lyanna Stark wasn't dead at the beginning of the war, she was only kidnapped. Robert and Ned started the war to get her back but she died at the very end in that tower in Dorne. After The Mad King and Rayghear were already killed. Y'all should react to history and lore after each season

  7. Good discussion girls cant wait for 1×6 thats a great episode.

    BTW loved that sneaky look at the camera when you mentioned the black haired baby.

  8. You're really funny and entertaining! Cool reaction, can't wait for more 🙂 Q:who they think from the characters will make it to the season 6-7 (their tips)…

  9. I love you guys…I love that you talk during it…I wish my husband would not let me talk…but then again I read the books and I would probably give away all kinds of spoilers. LOL 🙂 Keep it up ladies…I look forward to your reactions…I need to restate that…I can not wait for your reactions…because they are that good. Keisha has Little Finger's number.

  10. What did you think of the Hounds and his brother relationship.

  11. This is my favorite version of The Mountain (since he's been recast like twice now), I like how he towers over The Hound and the Kinsguard haha.

  12. I always liked how the book positioned Ned's dream right after the ending of this episode, unfortunately it's missing from the TV series. If you ever get a chance watch it here on youtube, the writing/audiobook reading is great!

  13. I wanted to know what were everyone's predictions for who will be on the throne in the end? Also, would everyone wants to be on the throne?

  14. explain to your friend (in regards to the traveling) that it isn't clear, unless mentioned, how much time exactly passes in between scenes and episodes. also, not every story line is on the same timeline as another story. for example, it takes a month or so of traveling down the kingsroad to get from winterfell to kings landing, but they made the journey in one episode. like you mentioned, the show runners don't want to waste precious screen time on traveling, even more so in later seasons.

  15. YAYYYYYY LOL, LOVE YOUR REACTION!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO REACT TOGETHER FOR EP 6!!!! because the "fire crown" thing lol

  16. The rebellion was long enough, Reaghar and Lyanna died month apart, but before the mad king. the rebellion end with the mad king dead. Robert was name king because of his blood, he has some Targaryen blood in his family. If not the first to the throne was Jamie follow by Ned, Robert was not in the city at the time.

  17. At the end of episode 9 give them a certificate Congratulation you are now a SUMMER CHILD OF GAMES OF THRONES, and you know when to give the other certificate for winter child.

    continu you are very interresting and funny

  18. Keith J

    Q&A questions for Miss Amber:
    Have you read the books? If not are you going to?
    Was it hard to convince your friends to finally start watching GoT?

  19. I love your commentaries. please don't stop talking. Keisha's reactions to Lysa had me rolling. xD

  20. Love your reaction videos. The comments and talking during the reactions are great. Especially when they're funny.

  21. So who is y'alls top 3 favorite characters at this point, and which 3 do you hate?

  22. plus king Robert hates all the Targaryens its blind rage…

  23. Veo T.

    Thanks Dynamic Duo for the view/reaction!!!! I will do my best to come up with creative questions!!! Keep it rollin'!!!!!!!

  24. keisha don't be talking about little finger ✋

  25. Ladies…I kinda stumbled onto your vid and almost skipped because it's soooo long…but you're watching vids from the start?! so cool.  word of advice…make an quick intro explaining to new viewers who you are and what you're doing.  I'm a huge fan of the show and love watching unsullied like y'all experiencing it for the first time.  subscribed:)

  26. Actually, scratch what I said before about it being to long….The reactions are the best part but I can just watch the rest when I have more time…off to watch your previous reactions…Keep up the good work:)

  27. Actually, scratch what I said before about it being to long….The reactions are the best part but I can just watch the rest when I have more time…off to watch your previous reactions…Keep em coming:)

  28. You guys are great. Love your reactions. You sum it up at the end so they understand the episode. Q&A What do you think of Jaime now that he went after Ned?

  29. almost every video I see you saying something about people who complain cus you guys talk during the episode… tell them to go to shit! The reason why we love the channel is your different reactions and what you say because of the reaction. I am here to hear your opinion and reactions, and reactions include words not just the body. I love the different way of viewing you and your friends have and dont let people saying you talk too much alter what you are doing, cus you girls are doing it right.

    Also, I think you, Amber, are telling the necessary amount about the show to the girls, I hate people who want the reactor "guides" not to explain anything. Game of Thrones is a difficult show were they dont explain well the backstory from the books, expecially in the first season. So dont let people saying you are explaining too much bother you either. I think anything that explains the story without giving major stuff away is necessary to say.

  30. Your friend is very perceptive in her own way. All these years it never occurred to me that Little Finger might have set Ned up to be ambushed by Jaime. It would have served the same purpose that his later actions accomplished.

  31. Pentos is the closest of the Free Cities of Essos, so a trip form there to King's Landing wouldn't take that long. I think to remember it's between 1 and 2 weeks by boat across the Narrow sea.

  32. Wow your friend is really smart and kinda gets into it right away. I don't think anyone knew about little fingers plan to betray Ned. Sure we all knew he was sneaky as fuck but at the end of the day we never saw it coming. I love your reactions a lot and the discussions you do at the end, it kind opens up a lot of shit that I never got lol. Now I will have to rewatch it from a different perspective

  33. Hey honey!! Loras's horse was in heat!! That is why The Mountains horse was going nuts. It was a little cheaty. lolol.

    I can't believe you guys only got 2 Mother F'n questions!!! That is crazy. I am sooo behind in my YT stuff as I just started a job that wipes me the fuck out! lol
    You may not get to answer mine until obviously a later video… But I have some questions… How did you ladies meet? You may have said a little history on you guys but I have a shit memory… Hahaha. What made you, Amber, start watching Game of Thrones? When did you start? And what did you hear about it before you started? What did you think it was going to be like and did it meet or surpass your expectations? Also who are your favorite YouTube reactors?? No pressure. hahaha I know we have a killer GoT community, and I am so happy that you are in it. I think you all are awesome and so much fun. Makes me wish I had fun girlfriends to watch the show with.

    I have so many questions but I will chill out and not ask them all at once. But answer as many as you can. You can even answer me in a comment. I am just super curious about you all.
    Have a Great night. See you in the next video. And You should put up a comment to have us ask questions for after the Finale!!! That is going to be killer!!! Caio Bella xoxo

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