Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10 “Valar Morghulis” REACTION! 2×10 – Part 2 Q&A

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Published on November 1, 2016

Game of Thrones season 2 Episode 10 “Valar Morghulis” 2×10 – Reaction – Part 2 – Q&A

Can i just say you are all absolutely fantastic! 😀
I’m so happy the Channel has attracted such awesome people!!

Alright guys here’s part 2, the Q&A

I see every single comment the moment it comes in! love hearing from you guys! i try my best to reply to every comment 😀 😀

Me and Stefano will be meeting up on tuesday to record Season 3 Eps 1&2

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I hope you enjoy Game of Thrones season 2 Episode 10 “Valar Morghulis” 2×10 – Part 2 – Q&A

  1. Totally agree with you having similarities with Jon! You are a really good friend. And you don't like Spoilers!! So honorable. lol. oh shit… and you have a weakness for redheads!! 🙂 That was a fantastic question!

  2. god damnit I got baited so hard.. thought It's 3×01 for a second.. (i know it'll be out in ~3 days) .. fak

  3. I check this channel EVERY DAY for new uploads. Love the reactions, love the insights. Keep it up, guys!

  4. Stop promoting Cersei. lol He doesn't like her and leave it at that. :v

  5. "don't fuck me over, or I'll jaime your ass" ahahaha that was great stefano!

  6. Can't wait for season 3 man, good job :)

  7. Thanks for including my question guys! I love the vids. Looking forward to season 3!

  8. I would love to see Liam neeson as ned stark , Alan rickman( rip 🙁 ) as petyr baelish and Josh holloway as Jaime :)

  9. I had a different take on the "what role would you cast yourself in" question. I thought Mikael was asking what role you would love to play as an actor…not which character you thought you most resembled. I would be interested in hearing it answered in the first way.

  10. Georgio

    im honestly like super sad my question wasnt answered :/ guess it wasnt good enough…

  11. paul

    Are you ready for the Blood Red Derby? ;)

  12. Direwolves can serve as dragon food. Stupid beasts will eat  about anything, anyway.

  13. I wish Stefano was right on the wolf question… 🙁 We all thought that. I'm surprised he responded Jaime to the fight question. I love him to bits but Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is not a good swordsman and the Ned v. Jaime fight is just disappointing. Although since Stefano likes Ned so much maybe he thinks he was supposed to be this excellent fighter as well, although he wasn't. Jaime should have destroyed him. Anyways, happy watching!

  14. I want to cast one of the red women. Hehe…

  15. Orlando bloom for Jon Snow, r u kidding me, Stefano? You know how old Jon Snow is, in the book 14, in TV 17. Orlando is almost 47.
    I want to cast one of the red women. She could be at any age, Hehe…

  16. Can't wait for Stefano to see Ser Arthur Dayne 😀 .
    Again awesome video , dont stop plesae :)

  17. It's so cool that you guys and Mareck Productions are at the same part of the show now! now I have two different point of views on the episodes

  18. Filmbuff are you Turkish? I didn't get why you said turkish canadian jon snow. :)

  19. Awesome work guys! Can't wait for season 3. You are the greatest at this kind of content.

  20. Can't wait to see the Orlando Bloom Jon Snow meme lol

  21. Love your videos! I'm a big fan from the UK, can't wait for season 3 man!

  22. hey!! congrats on 6k subs 😛 are you still going to react to westworld?

  23. I would completely see Im as Jon.  Looks and personality.  So cute and so sweet.  Stefano I can see as Ned.  He seems loyal and cares so much about his kids.   Both of you would go out of your way for friends or loved ones.

  24. wow replace kit with orlando epic fail just unsubbed…… jk. Great job so far guys cannot wait for season 3 reaction vids

  25. +FILMBuFF
    You two should really watching the "Making of" extras.. For season 2 there is one about The Battle of Blackwater amongst others.
    For season 6, there's one where they show the White Walkers prosthetics. They are NOT CGI as Stefano thought! The Wights are mostly CGI yes (how are you going to make a prosthetic that lets you see throught the actor, right?) but the White Walkers are indeed mostly prosthetics!
    GoT tries to avoid CGI whenever possible and make it as real as they can – for that extra feel of … realism.
    I'm sure you guys would love it.

  26. Hi guys, love you too.
    it's gonna be really important for Stefano to see the opening credits, as Season 3 shows Winterfell up in smoke.
    Melissa, from Sheffield England (p.s. Sean Beans from Sheffield too!)

  27. Boxhead

    Is the S03E01 reaction gonna be uploaded tonight or will it come out sometime during the next couple of days?

  28. Idk what yalls schedules are like but more than one episode a week would be super awesome!

  29. Your videos make me so happy 🙂 shout out to your hard work and the time you (both) take to share Stephanos experience with all of us GOT/ASOIAF fans!!

  30. Question for Stephano (idk if this has already been asked): Will he be planning on reading any of the books when he is finished watching the rest of the show? Or is film his most enjoyable medium and enough to fulfill his fandom?

  31. Im could you later show Stefano the history and lore of the dance of dragons bcuz i think its one of the ost intersting stories and it would be great to see ur reactions

  32. Hey guys, really enjoying your videos! I was brand new to Game of Thrones up until 3 months ago and I burned through them. I immediately went back and started over at the beginning, and I'm following along with you guys as you go. It's fun to watch vicariously through Stefano's eyes.

    Cheers from a fellow Canadian filmmaker!!!! Are you guys based out of Toronto?

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