Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 Finale TOP 10 WTF and Book Changes

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Published on January 5, 2017

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 Finale TOP 10 WTF. Jon Snow Mother R+L=J explained. Daenerys Targaryen vs Cersei Lannister vs Jon Snow Season 7 Predictions ►
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  1. 1. Q&A: In the book, does Walder Frey KNOW that he has eaten his kin in those pies?
    2. My favorite moments are Arya scratching Walder Frey off of her list and little Lyanna Mormont calling out the Lords of the
    North and declaring Jon her King.
    3. I don't think that all of the wildfire was used up. It was planted all over the city under all of the buildings, even under the
    streets according to Tyrion.

  2. Hi Charlie, have you considered that Season 7 is: Daenerys conquering Westeros, Arya kills Cersei, the Wall is destroyed, Night King comes South and raises Cersei to be his Queen (the opposite of what happened thousands of year ago with the Commander of the Night's Watch and his Ice Queen); then Season 8 is Cersei and Night's King battling Daenerys, Jon, and Tyrion on their dragons?

  3. Also, it wasn't just that Cersei blew up the Sept, she wiped out half the cast and most of her known enemies. Queen of Thorns, King in the North, and Arya are about all that's left of her direct opponents

  4. the nights king is the hero of the other side. the same as jon snow is from the white walkers point of view. "heroes" and "villians" are portrayed deliberately peculiarly to make the viewer question the characters legitmacy regarding their motives and goals in westeros. Thus making no concrete heroes and villians in the world of GOT. (referring to your point on cersei)

  5. The Warrior; The Politician; The Assassin and The Prophet are back in town. Watch out fuckers – house Stark is back in business.

  6. Dude you missed the two emotional strongest scenes in your review: Tyrion becoming "Hand of the Queen" and of course Jon being proclaimed King of the North, who´s name is Stark. Disappointing!

  7. Does Bran even know what he's seeing when he pears into the future? I mean, how could he have possibly interpreted the destruction of the Sept in King's Landing from seeing a stone tunnel filling up with dragon fire with an accurate sense of the context? …or is it just another Dan and Dave thing for the sake of the cinematics?

  8. Now the Baratheon name is fully erased, right?

  9. The little Bear though… Lady Lyanna Mormont… Such an amazing little actress… They honestly did her justice.

  10. My favorite scene was definitely cercei killing all those ppl wit the wild fire was badass !

  11. Hey… I am betting that the Black Fish is still alive. We didn't see his body and we only get a report from a Lannister lackey. So I will be looking for him next season. m.j.

  12. I hope Arya kills Gregor in front of Cersei. I'd love to see Cersei's reaction to that.

  13. wait what only 10 episodes are you kiddin meh?

  14. I felt like this season ended way too quickly even though it was 10 eps

  15. A Mora

    To be honest,and I know everybody says stuff like this,but Tommens Death really didn't surprise me at all.

  16. The best scene was for sure in the begining when cercei was dressing herself as the new queen and we all thought that she is getting ready for the trial haha she is dangerous .. Also when she finally walks towards her throne .. Don't miss with her … SHAME.. Amazing character

  17. And it's such a big loss to kill ramsey .. I can't imagine if he could've be united with cercei in any way I don't care how but that would be so amazing for the darkness and evil in the story

  18. the best was jon snow moment, and do you remember ned stark saying to jon, the next time we meet we will talk about your mother.

  19. Number 10 was the calm before the storm

  20. i got confused in the episode when i saw jon snow as a baby and with ned and lyanna i thought they were his parents and ned got her sister pregnant hahaha

  21. Help me! My friend doesnt believe me that rhaegar is jons father, i showed her the picture that HBO confirmed that he is jons father but she doesnt believe me before she can se it at itself. She says robert and lyanna was in love in the books, but thats the first and only time ive ever heard that… So please help me with good evidence

  22. Chris B

    Actually, there wasn't much silence that I recall. The music was the driving force behind that entire opening sequence.

  23. r sousa

    Daenerys such a boring actress .

  24. Jon Targaryen, house of stark and protector of the realm.
    Just saying

  25. Cersei looks like she's wearing a $14,000 Christian Louboutin dress.

  26. Ochoga

    I just finished the show and you're saying there's only going to be 2 more seasons!!!!!??

  27. I enjoy this rich history about GOT even though I am a late listener!

  28. Hey charlie did you realyse that Jon never agreed to become the king in the north?

  29. Seemed to me that Sansa was more worried about what Littlefinger is going to do than the fact Jon is 'king in the north' in regards to that look.

  30. FiftyV7

    Hey, so question. Why is everyone standing on the deck of Dany's ship at the end of the episode? Like are they just going to stand in rows, looking straight ahead, all the way across the narrow sea? Do they not have cabins? That's a WTF for you.

  31. The same amount of time hasn't passed for all of the characters from episode to episode, the show creators have said. Aria and Verys have traveled for a while, but for Jon and Sansa it's like the next day or two.

  32. Arya's storyline maybe was behind the rest of them, so it is possible that she travelled that fast.

  33. Watching the show diverge from the book content makes me appreciate George R. R. Martin that much more. Clearly the writers have gotten sloppy with the script. It's probably due to the lack of book material they are experiencing.

  34. Was a little lost with the Lyanna Stark and John Snow revelation. Now we know he is Lyanna's son. But who is his father? Is he Robert Baratheon's son or is he Rhaegar Targaryen's…?

  35. so can someone whos read the books tell me if they are better than the show bc im all caught up with the show and the books seem good

  36. fuck educate really love the vidgo direct :c)

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