Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #10 – Uprooting the Rose (HBO)

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Published on December 24, 2016

New episodes of Game of Thrones air every Sunday at 9PM, only on HBO.

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    A MAN NEEDS ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "The Rose has been uprooted"! 🙁 I'm going to miss Margaery, she was a brilliant character! But this is Game of Thrones, everybody dies!

  3. I don't get it: If someone were to plant a bomb under a major building and it were discovered unexploded, would people just leave it there?

  4. If Margery was married to Tommen why is she still a Tyrell?

  5. whats the name of the music when cersei gets crowned

  6. Cersei is the biggest fucking cunt. Please kill her next season…Also, when is she going to realize that every time she does an evil plot, it comes back to haunt her. For example, she armed the faith militant so that Loras Tyrell would be arrested. She ended up being arrested herself. She had her sons wife (amongst many others) blown up in wild fire. Her son killed himself.

  7. Thank you guyz !! , Thank you for all that you have done !! Et que le spectacle continue !

  8. Rip mace Tyrell………

  9. one point i don't get,its about arya
    first she kills the wrong person and knows that the assassins of many faces will try to kill her,then she gets her sword back and go to some dark place(sounds like a plan)
    then she goes to pay a guy to go back home,or atleast leave bravos(thats already a bad choice)
    but then she fucking go and start running around the city until she gets stabed wtf?where is the plan?why she gets the sword?if she wants to attract the other girl(that is an assassin)then why not getting the sword?or why you just go and start running over the city with no attention at all?
    ps:sorry for bad english,not my main language.

  10. I swear this show is not good for my heart lol

  11. Wtf is "cersi…1rst in her name …queen of andals and first men… Protector of the 7 kingdoms"???! It has always been "ruler of the 7 kingdoms, protector of the realm"?? Which is not only historically closer to english monarchy language but also sounds soooo much more eloquent.

  12. Kingslayer becoming Queenslayer in 10 episodes

  13. I've been rewatching alot of season 2 and 3 with Brienne and Jaime . . .
    I hope she doesn't kill him, of course it's a show full of brilliant characters and fabulous actors and actresses , but it feels like small seeds were planted in hinting that, in S.Vll , they're gonna come face to face and either Brienne or Jamie is gonna die because of one or the others doing. As far as Cersie, I love her, but now she's put the biggest target on her back and I honestly see her dying sooner than later, which SUCKS! lol
    Can't wait for S. Vll

  14. Shout-out to Lancel in this episode. Gets a near-fatal wound, realises what is going to happen, but instead of trying to crawl to safety and help… crawls in the opposite direction to try and extinguish the 'fuses'.
    Courage and determination on a par with any of the major 'good' characters, which no one will ever know about.

  15. The best 8 minutes of Game of Thrones

  16. Now I know why it's called King's "Landing". Ha ha ha! House Tyrell isn't finished yet though. I feel like there are some places in the 7 Kingdoms that we haven't seen yet. Especially in the Reach.

  17. Afk

    Jonathan Pryce is a legend!

  18. I wish Tywin was alive to see Cersei die. And to let him see Daenerys burning down kings landing and casterly rock

  19. Was sad that Magaery died ;(

  20. The only thing that's been keeping Cersi sane were her children. And now they are gone.

  21. Lena headey is absolutely amazing on this show. Her character is literally crazy beyond belief.

  22. sofiamd1

    soooo sad they killed Margery

  23. Jonathan Pryce. One of the best actors I have ever seen.

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