Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #9 Clip – Battle of the Bastards (HBO)

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Published on December 22, 2016

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  1. Ramsay Bolton he'll not be missed. His words will disappear. His house will disappear. His name will disappear. Iwan Rheon on the other side, he will be extremely missed from the show! Such a great actor! He pushed the role to the edge.

  2. so is jon snow really that good of a fighter like they say?

  3. How did Sansa know that Ramsay said he didn't feed his dogs for 7 days? She rode away. Jon could have told her, but that information doesn't seem important enough to relay to her.

  4. Would be great if you could follow a characters story, like cut scenes and link them all together!! maybe box set

  5. How could Sansa know that Ramsay did not feed his dogs for 7 days, she walked away before Ramsay said that ?!

  6. If Sansa rides off, then how does she later know that Ramsey hadn't fed his dogs in 7 days??!!

  7. sansa left before the "my dogs haven't ate in 7 days" line but then whips it out later like she was there.

  8. esse guarda da noite e gostoso vem fazer minha guardo

  9. Bobo

    awante pokemon!

  10. I'm going to miss Ramsey >.>'

  11. Good episode, long live Jon Snow. and the Stark family, 🙂 , but 10 episodes a year are just not enough.

  12. damn, one of the best GoT episodes ever! ramsey bolton makes joffrey look soft

  13. The bad guys in the show are the ones that make the show great.

  14. Ramsey Bolton got what he deserved…..
    His dogs were hungry

  15. I miss Ramsey he was the best villain since Joffrey

  16. The dragon flies across the sea
    The wolf has risen for all to see
    The kraken stirs bringing doom
    The golden roses begin to bloom
    The lion reveals a fierce roar
    The north stands taller than before
    The sun rises from the east
    The flayed man fed to a beast
    The mockingbird sings a saviors' song
    The falcon back after far too long
    The sun of winter has lost its light

  17. Ramsay Bolton and the Governor should have a spin-off where they rent a downtown NYC apartment and hilarity / bloodbaths ensue.

  18. one thing everyone should know is when a direwolf dies its companion dies with it thry have a life bond according to george rr martin

  19. Goosebumps every time watching this scene, one of the very best in the whole show!

  20. I never got the "he's good" line. Just felt out of place and awkward.

  21. Didn't Ramsay avenge the red wedding Because he killed his father which roose killed robb stark so jon snow cant of avenged it.

  22. watched misfits last night and its so weird to switch from one to the other

  23. This is basically GOT's equivalent to the Mouth of Sauron sequence in LOTR.

  24. Ramsay looked so cheerful in the thumbnail, lmao

  25. dodo828

    Wait I have a question. When Ramsay said he haven't fed his hounds for 7 days, Sansa has already left there so she didn't hear that. How did she now that he haven't fed the hounds for 7 days. Because at the part when Ramsay dies she uses the exact same quote of Ramsay's. Did Ramsay said it in another scene that I missed or is it a plot hole?

  26. Did anyone notice that Robb refused one-against-one with Jaime after he took him captive? :D

  27. I am confused…what navy was attacking Dany before her dragons destroyed them?

  28. Marat

    Iwan Rheon was so good.

  29. "Here he is, the biggest DOUCHE of the universe….."

  30. I love Sansa <3 She deserves a better life

  31. It's a shame Ramsey is dead he's my favourite character

  32. I just noticed that Sansa leaves before Ramsey tells the Jon Snow and the true crew that he hadn't fed his hounds in days, yet at the end of the episode that is information that Sansa repeats to Ramsey befor she turns him into puppy chow.
    Nit picky I know and that wasn't my intention, it is just something I observed for the first time even though I have seen this episode more times than I care to admit. It is one of the best I think.

  33. 0:52 Man they really missed a perfect pun by not using 'so get of your high horse'. The lines before that even lead up to the pun. I wonder if Iwan Rheon playing Ramsay just messed up the line although it's not really something I see him doing as he does all the rest so perfect

  34. Here is where we really see cracks in the facade regarding Rams. He is clearly intimidated by Jon Snow, and clearly Jon is smarter than him.

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